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TheColorless 2018 Calendar Project [COMPLETED WITH DOWNLOAD LINK]

  1. #1112112017-06-21 08:51:52Inia said:

    I love the water movement here. Also, you just reminded me that they have red eyes, so I'll have to change that... hahaha.

  2. #1112522017-06-26 07:53:19Inia said:

    I had trouble loading the site last night, so I wasn't able to send off the large file, nor update here. I've only just gotten on right now because I've been struggling with my new PC build and found out I had 1 stupid part that needs ordering... figures. But anyhoodles, here's the final.The trees aren't exactly what I had envisioned, but I'm still happy with the result. I wanted the spirit of it more than being totally perfect. At least, I spot the flaws but sometimes we just gotta accept our flaws. :P


  3. #1112592017-06-26 17:28:04Inia said:

    There was a time I was too intimidated to let myself see what I could do, so I never did a lot of background scenes. I wanted this to reflect anime like Mushishi because I feel like they put so much work into the awe of nature. My trees are probably a bit too "full" but that probably won't hurt anyone.


  4. #1112672017-06-27 08:13:41shafnat said:

    aah, i see. well, i see you did well for it! i'm up to see the others result, yet myself haven't done a big progress

  5. #1113632017-07-04 16:25:10Cloud-VK said:

    I won't be much longer on mine. Made a lot of progess last night, worked till my laptop died on me lol

    But yeah. Trying my best to finish up.

  6. #1113992017-07-08 17:39:42Cloud-VK said:

    Ok I'm done. Everything's good, best digital thing I've done, backround is kinda generic, but it works~

    Just gotta send it in (I can't right now though ...cause I'm mobile . - . )

  7. #1115982017-07-29 05:35:32Inia said:

    Mine might be pretty obvious, but I have a version of mine with "month here" rectangle, if you need to eyeball it.

  8. #1122952017-10-29 08:26:40shafnat said:

    Umm, hello. i would like to appreciate you guys who have submitted your works to Lieu in time, these are wonderful. Like, oh my. this would be a really cool calendar! And i'd like to remind you guys who havent submitted yet, here goes the ping: @Rebel @Cloud-VK @Qarr @genericmav @Inia @Lieutenant @izzaink @Aoberry @shafnat @Ecstasy @FreeTicket @Maguro (ignore if you have submitted)

    I'll start working on putting the dates on the pages you made, i promise it will be finished soon and ready to share before January. Thank you! keep on the spirit just as when this project was just started!

  9. #1123612017-11-13 12:55:32 *Inia said:

    I saw the email alert very late, but I have already PMed my piece like... months ago. I submitted the art as soon as I dubbed it finalized.

  10. #1125712017-12-02 11:09:02shafnat said:

    @Rebel i'm really sorry, but i didn't get any word from you about this and it's been really late. and also, it was pretty long since your last online in your profile page so we discussed and decided to just cram this quickly with any participants that i have in contact with to finish this before 2018. so, really really sorry about that.

  11. #1129872018-01-09 22:53:12 *Rebel said:

    @shafnat lol dont be so apologetic mate, My pen tablet broke... aint got a new one and i was gonna use ms paint to make stick figures with yellow hair for my submission (jk)... I'm supposed to be sorry for not letting ya'll know I couldn't submit anything...

  12. #1124452017-11-23 12:48:59shafnat said:

    @gueen i'll tell everyone when it's finished! wei'll work on it to make it finished around december so everyone can already download the calendar before 2018 begins. and some of the participants actually havent submitted yet, i guess we'll do something about that.

  13. #1124602017-11-24 16:22:56 *shafnat said:

    Anyway. It's really sad to say that it's been 4 months late from the deadline, and i'm also really sad that i have no clue of how to contact any who hasnt submitted yet. So, i decided to get some substitutes, and we've finally managed to get the substitutes for who seems that won't do it in time.

    So, the new order will be :

    Once again, sorry for the participants that we've "kicked", and let's make this calendar available for us to have before 2018!


  14. #1129302018-01-02 13:26:16Cloud-VK said:

    I've never been one for deadlines, so I'm alright with this dragging into the new year.

    Your not giving up tho are you? I still wanna see this thing finished some time~♪

  15. #1129452018-01-03 23:30:41 *Lieutenant said:

    Yes, overdue and all that but we were like, not going to let this just die anyway. So we made it and here is the download link you can refer to. File's a big size, you can print it, or not, up to you. But hey at least this is the end.






    Do tell if you have difficulty downloading it, I'll figure out a way and give you different download link(s) then.

    Gotta thank all these people for their extra hardworks because, seriously. Artworks in order:

    Just giving a huge shoutout to @shafnat because he's been putting together the artworks altogether and always has a brilliant idea on how things should be done. You're the best, bruv.


    Yeah, thought it'd never be done but it's actually amazing that these kids are actually working without my supervision. So, kudos to you all and enjoy your badge (Actually do tell if I accidentally give you double badges or if you haven't received). In addition, I'll also give you the Rabu badge because of the obvious reason. Thanks a lot, people )

    It's almost refreshing to see new faces yeah.

  16. #1129462018-01-04 01:24:33shafnat said:

    Its out! Yay!

    It was great to be working with you all, to be working together along with fellow artists in a community. For me, to contribute a thing for this cozy community has been a pleasure.

    Also thanks for @Lieutenant for guiding us and starting this project, this could never be done if you weren't there. You're also the best, sis.

    And also thanks to all the participant as well, you all have done a great job. These works are incredible it makes me proud i've ever worked on a thing with you guys.

    I'm looking forward to have any art related project with you guys again, and to you who have just been substituted, i deeply apologize and hoping we could work together again in the future.

    Please download the calendar and Happy 2018!

  17. #1129532018-01-04 13:25:24Cloud-VK said:


    Good job @shafnat and @Lieutenant ! It looks fantastic~

    November and December were hilarious, awesome job @Maguro !

    Lieu I love your job with April, severtan looks pretty with her hair down.

    @izzaink March looks epic, and adorable, you did a amazing job too!

    and @shafnat you killed September, it looks beautiful, it's probably my favorite outta the bunch. Awesome job!

    Everyone else did a good job too. Got's me thinking I really gotta improve my art game before the next time lol -3-

  18. #1129572018-01-05 05:39:59shafnat said:

    Whoa, never thought someone would like the September page. The background was indeed a hard work back then (with no Photoshop skill and old shitty drawing tablet) but the Server-tan was only made in one day right after i got a new drawing tablet. So it was not my best, actually. But anyway, thanks a lot. you did a great job too!

  19. #1129762018-01-08 18:08:11 *Maguro said:

    @Cloud-VK hahahahaha thanks ^^

    Good job to all of us guys, of course this would never be done if not for the efforts of everyone who participated.

    And for @shafnat and @Lieutenant who never lost hope in making the calendar a success, cheers to you both!!

    Also Happy new year guys (=_=)*thumbs up*

  20. #1129552018-01-04 17:18:07Kirn said:

    Well, few days late, I guess, cause 2018 is already here, but still, we haven't had finished projects in a while, so that's good enough. Plus, I think most of the drawings in this one are actually not bad at all. Which is an additional plus, so hey, good job. Congrats to all participants.