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Parent: TheColorless 2018 Calendar Project [COMPLETED WITH DOWNLOAD LINK]

  1. #1092152017-02-21 12:43:19 *Lieutenant said:


    • You will be drawing mascot(s) of TheColorless, which is Server-tan and Server-kun

    • Absolutely no art plagiarism here. No trace, no plagiarize, no remake or in any way 'corrupt' other artists' work into your own. It's not tolerable.

    • You are allowed to draw the Servers outside of their official attire. Keep yourself flexible.

    • Nothing NSFW please, we have a minority on the site.

    • The size of the artwork will be A3-sized (420mm x 297mm) on 300dpi

    • Only digital/traditional art is allowed. No photography etc.

    • Since items such as calendar is more conveniently to be possessed by hard-copy, you will be required to send in your artwork with CMYK mode instead of RGB. You can easily change the mode in Photoshop.

    • Once the settlement is made, I expect you to not procrastinate and actually draw. I'll kick you once in a while for reminder ))

  2. #1092402017-02-22 22:54:38Inia said:

    What were the resolution requirements for the last calendar? I'm assuming a standard calendar's dimensions at 300 dpi?