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Parent: What Brought You to Colorless?

  1. #1092182017-02-21 13:33:55 *Sheep said:

    The Dollars Chat led me here. I was only addicted to the fact that things like this exist. I never joined forums before due to lack of confidence and interest, so CL is actually my first lol The question, "Are there more sites similar to the dollars out there?" entered my curious mind, and so...

    ...found the CL link on yahoo answers ahem and then tried it out. Disappeared for several months though since I still had a strong attachment to the other mentioned site. I only went back because that site was dying, my first group of friends weren't coming back and, CL was somehow active.

    Few people I describe as fun and comfortable to be with is what's making me stay. Also, the possibility that a delete message button finally appearing in the private messages might happen... And I want to be here when it does cough