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Parent: Movies based on true stories.

  1. #1092262017-02-21 19:16:27Kirn said:

    Holy shit, it's raining true story movies.

    Bleed For This (2016)

    This starts as a normal boxing movie - some hot-shot boxer gets low, starts training, gets better, scores cool win. Thing is, that's just half of the movie, cause then he gets into car crash and breaks his neck.
    And what he does? He screws gets into halo procedure and trains while having iron screws in his own fucking head. And fucking wins. And you may not believe this, but article at the usual site actually made me laugh because this time movie is not as fucking incredible as the truth. In movie the guy wears the metal thing on his head for 6 months. Real life? 3. In movie he starts training after a month after the procedure. Real life? 5 days passed.
    As someone who broke some vertebrae myself, this is a movie I can strongly relate to, and this is damn impressive story.

    Christine (2016)

    Now this one is a bit weird. Basically, it's about a female news reporter who, unable to cope with a fuckton of stress, one day went and shot herself. Live on TV. In 1970-ies. Which was a definite direction into more interesting news, I can tell you that right now.
    Quite honestly, I couldn't find the article on my preferred site, so here's another article, and this one is more praising and less fact-checking. I guess, we can assume that the outline is correct. She was weird in her own way, she was virgin, she shot herself on air.
    As I said, we can't be sure, how many details are right, thought, obviously, the base of the story is correct - she did get fucking depressed over a guy she liked got out of her reach and over her work and generally over life. Personally, I did not get involved while watching this, but I really couldn't relate to the character, and maybe it would work better for you.

    Hacksaw Ridge (2016)

    Now this one is nominated for Oscars. And you can see why - glorious war movie, made by Mel Gibson, trying hard to be as epic and impactful as Saving Private Ryan. Only, in this one the private is the one saving everyone. And it actually happened.
    How, I laughed hard when I realized, during the first part of the movie, what is the story here. Apparently, that guy - Doss - was a religious nut who didn't work on Saturdays and absolutely refused to carry and use ant kind of weapon. And he enlisted into the US Army to go fight Japanese. As a medic. And apparently, this fucker, who was ridiculed and bullied during combat training, turned out to be one of the bravest people out there - going out into artillery fire and saving about 75 people, one by one.
    Obviously, there's the article for this movie. And from that we can see that this movie is very obviously going for some additional drama to get more viewers. Hero's father threatening his own wife with a gun - not exactly true. Hero meeting his wife while she was nurse - not true. Being court-martialed - nope, also not true, though, the guy was given some shit in the army, both from other privates, and from some officers. On the other hand, apparently, the guy really was as heroic as he was shown in the movie - he did save a lot of people, there are unconfirmed rumors of him even helping the enemy wounded, he really was blown up a bit, and - most amazingly - the assault of the ridge really was halted to allow him time to pray.
    All in all - extremely well-made movie, which uses a lot of dramatization for the first part of it, but is pretty true to life in the second part.