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Parent: TheColorless 2018 Calendar Project [COMPLETED WITH DOWNLOAD LINK]

  1. #1092312017-02-22 05:15:19 *GOD said:

    I'm good, thanks for the invite. While I think this is a good community project, sales in the last CL calendar I was in weren't so hot and it's because servertan and kun aren't easy to monetize. Just a pitch if you guys are interested in making money -- making an anime calendar of one or two shows users vote on might be easier to sell. Good luck everyone!

  2. #1092592017-02-23 16:47:07Lieutenant said:

    You're not wrong. Still thinking if this should be a free thing or if staff would be interested to gain some money from this because I (personally) have no notion of actually making money (I admit, interaction between the members if what keeps me alive here, what is money compare to them) but I appreciate all the ideas.

  3. #1092732017-02-23 22:54:26Inia said:

    I like the idea of sticking with the mascots. Admittedly, CL is a rather obscure community, which makes the topic of 'profits' from the calendar an issue. Perhaps a suggested donation toward site costs?

  4. #1093132017-02-25 03:19:44 *GOD said:

    Well, at least with redbubble you don't need to worry about breaking even! I only suggested the other idea because I thought y'all would want to see someone with a wallet on this site holding a physical copy. Or as these kinds of projects generally aim for, it'd be cool if all artists could get a calendar for free (shipping included) with the revenue.

    Since no one cares about profit, you guys could still charge but also host the pdf on gumroad for 2-5 dollars as an alternative buying option and toss that money towards the donation bin.