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Parent: TheColorless 2018 Calendar Project [COMPLETED WITH DOWNLOAD LINK]

  1. #1092862017-02-24 06:32:59shafnat said:

    So i've looked the calendars from 2014 and 2015 one, these are soooo beautiful and also made me kind of proud i ever been in CL. But one thing i kinda uncomfortably with, i think it's really monotone and im sorry im sorry really sorry :( boring. The layout always stick to this kind of calendar layout.


    Well, from my perspective, theres nothing wrong with these layout, but when all pages use that same layout, it would be boring and "theres nothing new each month" and i think we will see a border that divide a page into two section between the "Drawing" section and the "Date" section. In my opinion, why don't we make the "Date" blend with the "drawing"? Umm let's see some examples out there.



    And if we're gonna stick to the old layout, at least we could make it blend like this, for example


    There are still a loooot of ideas in google.

    Of course, i think about this idea not that empty headed. Eventhough we blend the "Drawing" section and the "Date" section, i think we should make both of them looks clear. We will need to organize the composition of them. For example, We were given an A2 size paper space, we could make it like 60% of the space is a drawing, and we should leave 40% of the space plain colored (it doesnt need to be white) so then the date numbers, the letter will be clear for us to see.

  2. #1092882017-02-24 08:03:07Lieutenant said:

    I understand what you mean, though a specific design or template should be provided, or done by someone. We can always look into that.

  3. #1093692017-02-27 22:42:57Inia said:

    Just to clear this up, are we following examples 1, 2, 3, or any of them? I like both 1 and 3. The 2nd seems nice, and I'd imagine overlaying a simple grid over that, so that it won't break the image up too much. Unless someone really wanted to do that, of course. If we want to keep the calendar itself cohesive, perhaps we should limit it to 3 variations every 4 months. So we'd have all 3 variations mix things up, still harmonizing the overall calendar.