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Parent: What are you reading?

  1. #1093102017-02-25 02:28:39 *Inia said:

    After being completely pissed off at Wizards of the Coast for, well, becoming so self-absorbed in making a profit instead of giving their authors and die hard loyal fans of those authors some real quality, I decided to see what all my favorite DragonLance authors have put out. Tracy Hickman is part of the team who created the core of DragonLance, and helped create a universe within DnD that was less dungeons, more dragons.

    With that said, I'm disappointed in myself for only just now getting into he Annals of Drakis.

    The story starts out in mid-battle. You quickly learn of a Roman-inspired army setup, mages acting as support and transport, but with a rather different take on how magic itself behaves. You do have the chosen one/reluctant hero complex, but even that has a twist. Weiss & Hickman loved their kender, so there is a kender-like character, who's not who he seems either. I think that's what I've loved so far about this series. If you're familiar with the authors, they decided to diverge from what made DragonLance famous, yet still have a new world with possibilities to explore.