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Parent: TheColorless 2018 Calendar Project [COMPLETED WITH DOWNLOAD LINK]

  1. #1093362017-02-26 16:41:08izzaink said:

    Just to make sure, we're doing month themes right? so like something christmasy for dec, scary for halloween and summer-vacationy for June right?

    Also, on the other topic I would love to put something else together thats more fan-art based. I think we should keep the calendar mascot only, but I'm down to draw other stuff, a colorless-based redbubble could be fun (and it'll force me to draw more digital)

  2. #1093382017-02-26 16:43:16Lieutenant said:

    Usually that is the case yes, though I keep that open for you because I don't want to limit your options.

    Well you can go on ahead an experiment on the drawing, would be interesting to see the idea of crossover, and try to ask other's opinion.

  3. #1093682017-02-27 22:35:48Inia said:

    If you prefer traditional methods, I can write up some tips one of my professors gave me. I can also link to a tutorial to create a lightbox, for better, more even lighting when photographing art. I've used very cheap means to create one when I was in a bind, once.

    As for month themes, I'm right with Lieutenant as far as not limiting your options. It's typical to do "month themes," but something as simple as changing background colors and subtle accents can make a big change in how a piece of art is perceived. So you can do red/green or blue/white, and make something seem wintery, without making the entire theme scream "Omg Christmas!"