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Parent: TheColorless 2018 Calendar Project [COMPLETED WITH DOWNLOAD LINK]

  1. #1093782017-02-28 01:47:55 *shafnat said:

    @Lieutenant about the font size of the date, very very very sorry i forgotten the size we've discussed! please reply this so i can correct it! but here i want to make an example so everyone will know how big the area we will have to left it plain colored for the dates.

    Here, i made this quick example. I'm using 72 as the month font size, and 12 for the days and 18 for the dates.For this i'll use Futura font.

    I'm using SEPTEMBER for example since it has the most letter than the other months. LMAO IT DOESNT MATTER

    The vertical gaps between texts are around 2 mm, and the horizontal range of each month is 2 cm. there are still a loooot of measurement errors here so as i said i made this so quick.


    So if we're using this kind of template, we will need to empty up some space from our A3 sheet roughly as big as 16 cm horizontally and 9 cm vertically.

    DONT WORRY you need not to make the dates! i will provide it. you guys just need to leave a blank plain space for it as big as mentioned.

    let me try using that size to a simple sketch of A3.

    if this is A3 sized paper, 16x9 would be as big as this


    if i put the dates in, then a plain background color


    hmm, i wonder what can i make if i locate the dates there. well i guess this could do.


    ok i wont continue it lmao it's just a sketch, it's not gonna be my month page tho i'll draw a different one.

    ey ey ey ey ey its landscape its landscape its landscape sorry i forgotten hahahahahahahaahahahah what an idiot bumhole i am

  2. #1093832017-02-28 07:26:09Lieutenant said:

    I feel like I gotta make a print to have a gist of how big it'll look like. Usually it looks small on screen but actually big in real life, so I say keep the font and template like that first. I'll see to any changes if there is any.

  3. #1093922017-02-28 23:33:07Inia said:

    Hmm, whenever we have a good template going on, will you include a space-holder square so that we don't go beyond that mark? I'm not familiar with how things were done, so I'm just mentally making notes here.

  4. #1093952017-03-01 02:42:24shafnat said:

    @Inia i'm really sorry i still need to improve my english a lot, i don't think i fully understand what did you mean D:

    from what i get, is that thing you call a space holder square is that red rectangle on the example? If i'm right, Hmm you could make that rectangle in photoshop by setting 16 cm on width and 9 cm on height in the rectangle properties tho, and you could locate it anywhere in your A3 sheet.

    Sorry if i misinterpreted your words D:

  5. #1094042017-03-01 10:45:55shafnat said:

    @Inia no, it's for real! my concept is to make the calendar looks more dynamic than putting the dates in the same location in every page, and Lieutenant agrees on that idea. So you can place it anywhere you want in your landscape A3 sheet!

    the only thing that would be same on every page is the size and the font to maintain consistency. Lt is going to test print that size of date in A3 sheet so she could look is it clear or not, so until then we'll use 16x9 cm for the size until further minor changes to this.