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Parent: Your Favourite Lyrics

  1. #1094122017-03-01 21:46:44Insomnia said:

    "I've been thinking back to when we used to share a drink on midnight walks.
    When you'd pretend your winter breath was cigarette smoke in your lungs.
    I'd fight the urge to give you all the worst advice about the ones you liked.


    I've been thinking back to that night on your front step when I held you as you wept.
    We sat awhile in silence but I was screaming in my head.
    How to tell you, if I should...
    What to say, if I even could...
    And if that moment came, would it simply hang forever...

    So I always try to live vicariously through my friends.
    Watching all them fall in love, and wondering if I will again.


    Just falling asleep with you is enough to keep me hanging on,
    whether or not we ever evolve.
    If all that we are is paint on a wall, waiting to peel off,"

    still my favorite