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  1. The Red Pill (documentary)

    #1095092017-03-12 09:17:23Kirn said:

    Haven't done this in a while... but this one I found genuinely interesting. At least, in the topic itself.

    Yep. This is a movie made by a feminist girl, who decided to go and actually research them men right movements. And found out they are actually talking some fucking sense. Amazing, right?
    I obviously watched it because a theme like that isn't touched often. I mean, sure, women rights and gay rights and black rights. But noone ever seem to protect your average white Joe, and poor Joe is sad. And he apparently does need some protection too. Well, honestly, the whole theme is a bit far from me, cause here we don't really have much in terms of any rights movements. But it's interesting to see this argument taking from the other side. And the fact that a silly blond feminist girl does the movie gives it more credibility than one would expect.
    I would say, the movie is pretty concentrated. You don't get any funny pictures or funny stories to get you interested. It's the talk about the issues that men seem to suffer about, some feminist rebuttals, videos of meetings and protests, and the videoblog of the girl who shoots the movie. If you aren't interested in the issue itself, you won't be interested in the movie.

    Still, interesting watch. I wonder how many people got offended in some manner after watching it.

  2. #1095522017-03-16 16:38:39Kirn said:

    I really enjoy how the most retarded part of the community is bumping this. Next step would be for them to actually watch the documentary, but yeah, that would be too radical.

  3. #1095582017-03-16 21:42:16 *Lycaste said:

    Custody rights and "disposable" people are a more important topic than somebody using 'unclean' language in my opinion. Of course you will get offended if you are looking to be. @Kirn has a point. Watch first, criticise later.

    I'll put the documentary on my watchlist.

    Edit: There's a (funny) review here on Youtube: