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  1. Eureka 7 Is Getting A Movie Trilogy

    #1095712017-03-18 04:01:29 *--Jack-- said:

    Link to the Article

    Also Don't Worry It's Not Live-Action

    Set to premier throughout the next couple years, the movie trilogy, Eureka 7: Hi-Evolution will start out 10 years in the past, before the events of the first Eureka 7, highlighting some of the world's backstory and plot-points from the first series that went relatively unexplained or not visualised.

    This video was put out on Bandai Visual's youtube channel:

    I don't know how many of you liked Eureka 7 or even bothered to see the sequel series Eureka 7: Astral Ocean but hopefully the movies don't just reanimate the original content but add a lot more to the universe. Also not contradicting the two series would be nice.