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  1. Two Years and Change

    #1095822017-03-18 20:41:16DarkChaplain said:

    So I've been gone what, two years and change and then decide to finally go and change my profile settings to stop with email notifications and shit like that, and what do I find here?


    Are you serious? I leave you for a bit and you don't even manage to flourish. You burned through another admin, staff is barely a thing anymore, and even @Kirn is deeply demotivated from trying to bring about a new world order. Has chat ever been this dead? I can't recall.
    The same notification and paging bugs are still not fixed, and the Patreon has ridiculous reward tiers (who in their right mind is gonna pay $2000 a MONTH for a deserted site, or $500 for ranger privileges?!)

    Guys, I'm disappointed. At least @--Jack-- did well with organizing another writing project. I'm planning on reading what you got going there.

    Now, I want to know what exactly went down here in my absence. I don't intend to stay, but I'm curious regardless. How did this happen? Who is still around, who left why, where's the excitement gone to?

    Honestly though, I'm just curious what I've missed. I stayed in touch with a few people, but haven't opened the site even once from when I left til yesterday evening. So I haven't seen shit, and I want you to bring me up to date. Give me a history lesson. Talk about the good and the bad so I can dish out some praise as well as scorn.

    Make it happen. Enlighten me.

  2. #1095832017-03-18 20:56:14Kirn said:

    I just realized a funny thing. You are now a returnfag. Classical one, feeling all entitled and shit. That is all.

  3. #1095842017-03-18 20:58:24Wolfangle said:

    So 2 years huh? Well I was away for one. But what i do know is that this year we had the discord fuckup. Also most of the Americans left, but who cares about that?

    The Discord idea was to have discussions about certain topics and voice chat about them for CL members. It turned hectic when everyone wanted their own little group. And even more when a certain group of fucks thought it'd be a great idea to invite every newbie they saw log into CL, into in their Discord group. Not to even mention the toxic users around here at that time. In truth if Kirn was on more often or dare i even say YOU of all people, was here to moderate chat and kill the vibe of everyone with their "new" stupid ideas. Maybe it would've been a little bit better here.

    Anyways, Discord happened, Discord ended, and like the many users and new users in Discord, they ended. Oh oh yea, the Americans. Umm, Kip was admin. And now she's not, due to heavy changes in life.

  4. #1095882017-03-18 23:18:33 *Cloud-VK said:
    Still can't believe it's been two years, that's crazy, I thought you'd a been back sooner.

    Anyway. Yeah. CL. It ain't exactly the raging shitstorm it use to be. But I don't get why your surprised DC, CL has always been going down hill lol.

    In your absence though. Hmmm, projects havnt been as plentiful, the number of oldfags still around is slowly fading away, and well you've seen what it's like now.

    I can't say I blame it on any certain event. I'd say I blame it on the new users that have popped up since you left. They're a lot diffrent than ones your use to.

    They turned this action anime into a slice of life anime. Not that there's anything wrong with that in my opinion.

    Also, we got a chess club now
  5. #1095912017-03-19 00:21:38 *Lieutenant said:

    1) yes, Discord happened. I'm not a part of that, never got interested. (I do think some people were trying to take away activities from chat by going to do other things).

    2) and also yes we have the chess club. Annual tournament will be running at the middle of the year, or so. Wolfy has been the running champion with the new badge, twice.

    3) the amount of bannedfags or 'oldfags' returning with new accounts are high.

    4) I initiated a new calendar project, so I will bump it when I am able with new post and stuffs.

    5) Jack's admin now.

    6) Yes he did a writing project.

    7) there was a chorus project but never finished.. Yet?

    8) I don't know most of the people on chat.

    9) I consider there is no news when there is no newsletter.

    10) will probably write more if I remember anything.

    Welcome back.

  6. #1095962017-03-19 02:38:32 *--Jack-- said:

    Yep, things are depressingly slow as of late. New mods will help out staff (and there will be an announcement sometime in the near future), but really it won't entice the community any more than before.