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Parent: Two Years and Change

  1. #1095842017-03-18 20:58:24Wolfangle said:

    So 2 years huh? Well I was away for one. But what i do know is that this year we had the discord fuckup. Also most of the Americans left, but who cares about that?

    The Discord idea was to have discussions about certain topics and voice chat about them for CL members. It turned hectic when everyone wanted their own little group. And even more when a certain group of fucks thought it'd be a great idea to invite every newbie they saw log into CL, into in their Discord group. Not to even mention the toxic users around here at that time. In truth if Kirn was on more often or dare i even say YOU of all people, was here to moderate chat and kill the vibe of everyone with their "new" stupid ideas. Maybe it would've been a little bit better here.

    Anyways, Discord happened, Discord ended, and like the many users and new users in Discord, they ended. Oh oh yea, the Americans. Umm, Kip was admin. And now she's not, due to heavy changes in life.