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Parent: Two Years and Change

  1. #1095882017-03-18 23:18:33 *Cloud-VK said:
    Still can't believe it's been two years, that's crazy, I thought you'd a been back sooner.

    Anyway. Yeah. CL. It ain't exactly the raging shitstorm it use to be. But I don't get why your surprised DC, CL has always been going down hill lol.

    In your absence though. Hmmm, projects havnt been as plentiful, the number of oldfags still around is slowly fading away, and well you've seen what it's like now.

    I can't say I blame it on any certain event. I'd say I blame it on the new users that have popped up since you left. They're a lot diffrent than ones your use to.

    They turned this action anime into a slice of life anime. Not that there's anything wrong with that in my opinion.

    Also, we got a chess club now