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Parent: Two Years and Change

  1. #1095912017-03-19 00:21:38 *Lieutenant said:

    1) yes, Discord happened. I'm not a part of that, never got interested. (I do think some people were trying to take away activities from chat by going to do other things).

    2) and also yes we have the chess club. Annual tournament will be running at the middle of the year, or so. Wolfy has been the running champion with the new badge, twice.

    3) the amount of bannedfags or 'oldfags' returning with new accounts are high.

    4) I initiated a new calendar project, so I will bump it when I am able with new post and stuffs.

    5) Jack's admin now.

    6) Yes he did a writing project.

    7) there was a chorus project but never finished.. Yet?

    8) I don't know most of the people on chat.

    9) I consider there is no news when there is no newsletter.

    10) will probably write more if I remember anything.

    Welcome back.