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Parent: CL Update 2017 [New Mods, Old Mods, Development Staff]

  1. #1096212017-03-21 03:43:12 *Lieutenant said:

    Wait, what?

    I actually never thought I would be chosen (again, that is), seeing how there were 7 applications, and truth be told my application this time was sloppy and less effort compare the previous ones to my standard because I thought me being a mod again would never happen.

    But thank you for the 2nd chance. Who would have thought the staff would pick @Lieutenant as mod again, eh?

    Also congrats for the other two, I hope to see @Mairu more often on chat though because I haven't been catching up with her lately. So I don't exactly know what potential she got as a mod since I expect those who were selected have to be more than underwhelming for me. At least @Kinnear is good enough potential in my opinion. He's another exemplary user filled with a sensibility so I have some hopes for him, just need to sharpen a bit. I hope you guys won't forget to 'upgrade' our accounts to the moderator features.

    It's understandable how @Rinneko and @Gwynn go down to Ranger, I have realized I don't see them much often myself, though everyone does have things in real life that are overwhelming them. I do wish them good luck in their endeavours, though.

    With the new development team, I hope @123-456-7890 and @Neko-Chan will be able to fix the site at least. Does this mean they have access to site code? I guess so. If they do, they'll be able to see what a mess this place is, a lot of damage here and there.. Well I do wish you guys will have fun though.

    But really, thought we had more sensible applications but since the higher staff gets to say more on them, well, I'll trust their judgment. So I do hope you guys will be independent and reliable enough to do work around CL, don't know something, ask, we guide (especially the new members to the staff that is). Even though this technically doesn't actually add up more to the numbers of mods (well, we're 4 people now) much, but regardless, things have to get going and there are works to be done. So welcome to hell that is the backstage of The Colorless.

  2. #1096222017-03-21 04:20:35DarkChaplain said:

    Honestly, looking back, the mod application text was never as important when selecting new candidates as looking at the overall activity, attitude and effort the candidates showed on the site. The applications can give a lot of decent information that helps, like about timezones, possibly age, schedules, future motivations and ideas for what you can bring to the site as part of staff, but as long as you don't half-ass the application and make a joke out of it (which has happened before), the quality of it is negligible, especially with known users like you.

  3. #1096232017-03-21 04:23:58Lieutenant said:

    @DarkChaplain True that, since there has been incidents where mods are picked out without the application, and also with request -coughs-. It's good to know, coming from someone like you, DC. Thanks.

  4. #1096412017-03-21 15:35:34 *Neko-Chan said:


    Yes. I've actually had access for awhile. I've made hotfixes when brought to my attention, mostly data things. If you know of something broken, tell me because I probably don't know. That said I've found some interesting things. I might make a Thread with some of my findings later if allowed (I'd have to make the data presentable and anonymous).

    Given the current state of the site, it would be easier and cleaner to rewrite the entire site using a modern framework and best practices. I'd like to remind everyone this is a 7 year old website and webdesign paradigms change every 4 months. While dramatic, it's better to buy a new boat than to bail out a sunk one.

    So, I did that. We have an entire website built in Laravel that encompasses all of the features and more. We are currently working on the front end and data migrations. I can't give an estimate when it will be done because I am not the one redesigning the UX.

    We'll make a thread with more information when it becomes relevant.

    tl;dr Yes. Rumors are true. There is a new site in active development.