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  1. Weekly Super Power Discussion: Meat Vision

    #1096512017-03-22 04:04:55 *Wolfangle said:

    Welcome to The Super Power Discussion Thread.

    The basics of this thread would be to discuss the super power showcased this week. Think about the advantages & disadvantages, the logical & make believe, write on how it would affect the world around you in a scenario where you're the only one with this power, and even the many science and theories that can go into it. Think of this as a thread for the creative, you comic nerds, and brainiacs with a challenge in mind

    Each week on every Friday, I'll change the topic and feature a new super power based on what you want next. I'll even create an index post for each previous power to look back on. With that being said, I look forward to what you come up with.



    Weather Control

    Meat Vision

  2. #1096522017-03-22 04:05:05 *Wolfangle said:


    As for this first power, give your thoughts on any aspect to this power. Or write up a brief story of how it would affect you to posses the power of electricity. Media posts, memes, or anything really.

  3. #1096532017-03-22 04:36:03Wolfangle said:

    I guess I'll go first and say that electricity has a lot of attributes to what could happen if it was a super power. I also study electricity, to uhh, yea. There's a lot of things i could see this being useful for. For 1, you're electric bill will be next to nothing & everything I own will always be charged. I guess aside from that, if it's not a power i can contain that's always lashing out electric waves from my body, that kinda limits my swimming patterns or me going into a deep study on what i could drink. Overall I'd be more interest on the big things i could do with this. Things such as the crimes i could do to make my life easier through exploits, or if i can achieve something through political gain with this.

    That's all I'll say for now, because during creation of this thread I've thought a lot about this. But I'm really interested on what you all have to say.

  4. #1096622017-03-22 14:25:11Qarr said:

    wouldn't that affect your body though, i feel like it would negatively affect the natural electricity already running through your body/// .-.

  5. #1096662017-03-22 15:00:27Wolfangle said:

    @Qarr Well to be fair, you can't actually put a number to all the amounts of energy/"natural electricity. Well you can for some things but not all. Some people can handle getting struck by lightning and be just fine..ish. What if like you were that 1 person who was barely affected by that and can release that electricity when they want to?

  6. #1096672017-03-22 16:08:11 *Farris said:

    If it was a normal body your bones would get heated too quickly. Which would result in bone fragments breaking loose flowing in your blood. This can lead to death after some years.

    When it comes to surviving lightning there are more important factors than the individual human, at least in my opinion. Humans are pretty similar, but you have factors like:

    • How powerful was the lightning strike?
    • How far did it travel?
    • What were you wearing?
    • What sort of isolation was between you and the earth?
    • Humidity
    • ETC.

    There are very many factors.

  7. #1098332017-04-02 17:53:00 *Wolfangle said:

    @Farris So for any of this to work in yours and @Qarr's reasoning, would something like an "all skeletal" surgery be needed? Maybe as referencing to "Wolverine Origins", in that scene where he finally got his new blades & skeleton transformed (whatever material they used to fuse/bond with him)?. This would at least stop the deteriorating of the body if it's successfully done & probably quite possible.

    Now going into the effect it would have after that's done, you'd probably say the person would be paralyzed. But after trying on some equipment my sister used when her arm was in terrible pain (she's a nurse so she had lots of medical equipment), i learned how much electricity plays into the movement of someone's body. With her changing the voltage to that "thing", she was able to move my legs or arms against my will. See where I'm getting at? ;)

    Fuck off, perverts.
  8. #1096722017-03-22 17:21:07Kirn said:

    I am not big fan of comic-style theories, however, it just so happens that this theme is close enough to me. First of all, here's a very good anime example from the show that I personally greatly enjoyed:

    That guy pretty much generates electricity, which gives him good combat power (plus, he can always use non-lethal amount of power). And in addition to that, he also can fuck up stuff like electronic locks, and even fix a broken TV. Which is a bit of a stretch, in my opinion, but hell, why not.

    Now, I play forum DnD games, and other settings and systems too, and I had experience of joining superhero setting game. And, this power is exactly the power I chose - electricity. Now, I figured that shooting lightning from your fingers is cool, but too overpowered. So I settled for just generating electricity with your body, and starting expanding on that.

    First of all, we are assuming that your power cannot hurt you. Cause otherwise it would be damn stupid power. So, my character had resistance to electricity right of the bat, which was gonna be useful in her normal life, as she was studying engineering and was planning to be power lines technician. So there was that already.
    Second of all, electricity obviously offered ways of combat, but also it provided, quite literally, free power. Meaning, no more electricity bills ever - she would just charge her own generators and use however much power she needed for any crazy comic science she was going to partake in. Unlimited power!
    Second of all, even though she could not shoot lightning, her combat gear would obviously include some high-conductive wires, that could be thrown at enemy, and then electric charge would follow. Pretty much that idea I totally stole from how Hei fought in Darker than Black.
    And finally. Even though the game didn't last that long, I had absolutely crazy moment there, and I still have trouble believing that game master actually allowed that to happen. But electricity also means polarity. Flow of the electrical current, you know. And that's the principle behind such awesome thing as rail gun - projectile is placed between 2 oppositely charged metal rods, and that makes it fly out with extreme speed. Simplified explanation, but yeah. So, at some point, when my character had no combat gear on her, she just made a finger gun, using both hands, with a small coin placed between index fingers. And she made that coin shoot out at the enemy drones. Which was absolutely awesome, overpowered and took a slice of skin of her fingers. Good times.

    So yeah, if you really think about it, you can have a lot of fun with electricity.

  9. #1096762017-03-22 18:04:20 *Qarr said:

    @wolfangle I imagine the sound would get quite cacophonous, depending on how aware you are of the electricity running through you. And as someone who values silence more than your average Joe, it wouldn't be something I'd actively seek And who knows how it would affect your mental state? There are a lot of different variables to consider before choosing this specific superpower.

    But if I were certain that it would have no detrimental effect on my physical and/or mental state, that would be a different story, Kirn mentions some very good points with his post which I agree with, but before anything else, I'd personally see what kind of science could be accomplished with something like that.

    I'm not very well-versed in most scientific branches, but I am an avid reader of articles. I'd like to bring up possibilities involving the human(or even animal? I'd like to see the results of that) brain being, by a lack of an appropriate word, "scanned" by your powers? Taking into consideration that the brain runs on natural electricity It would be possible to do all SORTS of things like that, from creating illusions to solving/curing mental illness.

    Though before that even, by just getting a feel of smth like that could be a great contribution to the connectome project which could make some incredible progress, not only towards the project but with humanity itself, with a person like that working on the team with them.

    Depending on how well you can control it, mayhaps you'd even be able to control the firings of people's very neurones, essentially gaining control over the person/their memories/their actions. I very much like the idea of neuroscience tying in with this despite the fact that I'm currently unaware whether or not it's even plausible, even in a fantasy setting.

  10. #1096992017-03-24 00:39:47doomimpact4 said:

    One thing I see very underplayed in electricity users that use lightning bolts is the thundeclap. The shockwaves in thunderstrikes can cause damage like contusions, not to mention the damage to auditory systems.

  11. #1098292017-04-02 14:19:37 *Wolfangle said:

    !Weather Control!

    Weather control is an interesting power. At times it can be delightful or devastating. The calmness of rain when you want, or a terrible storm that could change nations. Once again, I hope you enjoy discussing this one.

    Next week I'll be sure to focus on some powers non-elemental related

  12. #1098312017-04-02 17:31:28Wolfangle said:

    @--Jack-- Would it be better to have a new thread or to just have links to each week's starting post instead? Doing this would keep 1 thread always active, but it would be awkward talking about 1 week's power when you're on week 4 or 5..

  13. #1098322017-04-02 17:35:13Kirn said:

    I'd say, making new posts in this thread, changing name and adding link in the 1st post is good. No need to make like 50+ of these a year.