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Parent: TheColorless 2018 Calendar Project [COMPLETED WITH DOWNLOAD LINK]

  1. #1096752017-03-22 17:53:54 *Cloud-VK said:

    I had to get clever. Remember when I said I was having trouble with drawing on larger sheets of paper? Welp, I thought of a way to get around that~

    I took a rough sketch I was happy with, on a regular ol' piece o' paper

    Slide it into a clear page cover, and traced it with a pen.

    Which I shined light behind to project a larger version onto my big piece o' paper.

    Now it's all coming along pretty well, I got a lot more drawing to do, but I hope begin coloring soon =3

  2. #1097812017-03-28 09:27:52Inia said:

    Using a projector is actually a long-standing practice among traditional artists. You don't end up messing up your original sketch, either. If something goes wrong, you have that sketch to re-trace.