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  1. Your Favorite Japanese Names

    #1097652017-03-27 19:37:58 *DarkChaplain said:

    Hey, I'm making a weebish thread just for the heck of it. Figured I'd like to see some more activity on the forum and was thinking about my own appreciation for certain japanese first and last names. So here goes.

    What are your favorite japanese names? Please specify what's a first and what's a last name if you can, and feel free to just share names you like. If possible elaborate on why you like the name, or what it means.
    You can probably find some pointers on meanings on sites like BehindTheName, for reference.

    Also please keep it to real names, not bullshit pseudo-japanese anime names.

  2. #1097822017-03-28 11:11:45 *BakaHime said:

    First Name


    The meaning differs depending on the kanji. I personally like the kanji "工" which means "skill" partly because I like the meaning, mostly because it's easy to write. Though if we go by the most common or the first one that would pop up if you search the meaning for it on Google, it would be "匠" which means "artisan". I have no idea how to write that.


    The kanji "美晴" means beautiful clear sky. My reason for liking this name is because it has a nice ring to it.

    Last Name


    The only meaning I could find for this was "ninth street". This is my favorite character's last name so.. I also like it heh ^^ Kanji of her name --> 九条.

    Kujou and Yanagi ^ T^T give me a sequel

  3. #1098432017-04-03 09:41:42 *Sheep said:
    1. Kei meaning "respect" ; because it's something >-> from Houou Gakuen Misoragumi manga

    2. Yui idk what it means ; Childhood crush-- aaaaaaAAAAAAAA so weebish. Came from same manga as Kei.

    3. Hotaru meaning "firefly" ; Hotaru-chan best girl from Gakuen Alice

    4. Tsubaki meaning "camellia flower" ; because it sounds beautiful.

    5. Himawari meaning "sunflower" ; same reason as Tsubaki's.

  4. #1098862017-04-06 10:32:16DarkChaplain said:

    I'll add Haruka and Miyuki to the list of names I like.

    Haruka's got a bunch of different possible writings, most refering to Spring or Flowers, or even fragrance, but as a whole it means "Distant" or "Far Away". It feels like a nostalgic name.

    Miyuki meanwhile can refer to either Beautiful, or even Deep Snow or even Beautiful Fortune or Happiness. Seems like a name you'd like your daughter to have, eh?