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  1. So You Rolled 1

    #1097742017-03-27 23:59:14MarkovAlgeroth said:

    You rolled a 1? Dude, you're so fucked. You fall in the hole and die.

    "I DIE? It's only 4 feet! I'm 6 foot tall, how the hell do I DIE?"

    I don't know. Your deranged 2 Intelligence brain decides to do a flip but decides against it halfway? Don't make me narrate your broken 1 Constitution neck

    "You are the worst Dungeon Master ever. Like why would you make me keep those shit stat rolls if you knew I was just going to break my neck, or critically stub my toe and lose a fucking leg?"

    To be fair, that was hilarious

    "Yeah, fuck you. Jeez, I can't believe I wasted so much time with this."

    Ok, ok. because I am a merciful god, I'll ALLOW you to make a new character. No rolling dice, just make it balanced...ish.

    Make a DND character. Nothing too OP (like no giving yourself 20 of each stat or some such bullshit). And try to make it playable. Whatever level you like.

  2. #1097782017-03-28 04:02:16 *Bavalt said:

    So, uh, making RPG characters is actually kind of a hobby of mine. I've got a handful of them done up for a variety of systems, with varying degrees of backstory detail (leaving that open makes it easier to adapt them to the campaign after all). I chose this one in particular because 5E is quite simplistic in terms of character creation compared to most, and because Wizard is the class that I feel represents me best. Ability scores are generated using the default point-buy method.

    Forest Gnome Wizard/Rogue Background: Guild Artisan

    STR 8 DEX 14 CON 14 INT 17 WIS 10 CHA 12

    Proficiencies: Wizard weapons, (Light Armor), (Rogue Weapons), Alchemist's Lab, (Thieves' Tools)

    Skills: Insight, Persuasion, Arcana, Investigation, (Perception)

    Saving Throws: Intelligence, Wisdom

    Languages: Common, Gnomish, Draconic, (Thieves' Cant)

    Progression: 1st level Wizard, 2nd level Rogue, 3rd-20th level Wizard (Brackets indicate something learned from Rogue multiclass). Expertise Skills from Rogue: Investigation, Perception. Specialty School: Illusion. 5th-level: Feat (Tough). 9th-level: Feat (Linguist). 13th-level: Feat (Observant - ability score point in INT). 17th-level: Feat (Keen Mind). 20th-level: +2 DEX.

    This character is meant to be a resourceful kind of caster, the type who tries to have a solution to the miscellaneous obstacles that bar the party's progress in ways the other members might not be well-equipped to deal with. In practice, much like a bard, but operating off of guile and discretion rather than flair. I don't have any roleplaying info done on any of my 5E premades, so this is more of a "character plan" than an actual full-fledged character, but I often have trouble coming up with those details without a world and a party for the character to exist in.

    I didn't detail all the class abilities that would be unlocked, because that would make this incredibly long and tedious, but I did lay out any mechanical choices that would have to be made.