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Parent: Movies based on true stories.

  1. #1097792017-03-28 05:07:42Kirn said:

    Patriots Day (2016)

    During a marathon in Boston, 2 home-made bombs are set off, killing a few, and injuring some, and putting the city into a state of a massive hunt for terrorists. Which eventually end in a success, but not before some kidnapping and shootouts.
    So, this movie goes for the realistic feel by going as far as using actual camera footage from the incident, adding it to film, and constructing the action around that. Checking with my usual source place, I get the fact that the biggest lie in the movie, is the main hero himself. He just represents a lot of police officers, but he himself is not real. Which is to say, everything else is real, from the FBI agent to the cop who got shot (though, that guy didn't have a hot date planned, that was just there to make him more relatable in the movie).
    In fact, the movie really is realistic, so it actually is... quite boring. Sure, we see manhunt, some shootout, daring escape from kidnapping (that Asian dude was really that cool)... but in the end, in the bombing only 3 people died, and some lost limbs, and in the end the capture of 1 guy by the huge number of armed people is not really a good movie material. So there you go, the movie is a decent depiction of events and, I guess, gripped Boston at a point, but as a movie, you really can be better entertained. So, up to you.