gibe monies plz!

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Parent: TheColorless 2018 Calendar Project [COMPLETED WITH DOWNLOAD LINK]

  1. #1098202017-04-01 06:53:56 *Lieutenant said:

    As you all know, here are the list of our current participant.

    So I will announce the deadline here, it will be on June 30th, 2017

    So you guys can start drawing and shit. Don't forget it's supposed to be on A3 size landscape (thats 420mmx297mm for you) on 300DPI at least. If you refer to this post as an example, you should also leave some blank space on the right or left for the dates and months to go on. Like I said, it's landscape, not portrait.

    Go on, get drawing, guys. All the best.

  2. #1104292017-05-09 09:47:21Rebel said:

    I really want to do this but my poor person tablet has met it's demise, I'll need to get a new one or take a step back to the dark ages and use the unreliable (yet reliable) computer mouse... so I'm still up for this, just the quality wouldn't be that of best work that I would normally contribute... @Lieutenant

  3. #1106322017-05-20 22:47:12Inia said:

    @Rebel: You can do a traditional drawing with colors, then either scan it or take a good photo. I can offer some tips on how to get good, even lighting if you can't scan it. Anything from creating a poor man's light box to white sheets of paper to help bounce sunlight. Once, I made a lightbox from a small pizza box, and set up 2 lamps for lighting, then just edited the white balance in Photoshop. That's the Photoshopping I think Lieutenant was talking about.