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  1. Swords, Guns, Weapons.

    #1098482017-04-03 11:25:59MarkovAlgeroth said:

    For as long as there have been humans, there have been weapons. Big rocks. Pointy sticks. Copper, tin, bronze, iron, & steel blades, axes, & maces. Then guns and stuff. I'm not trying to be profound or any shit, I'm just listing a little.

    So humans have always had weapons for various reasons, like war, hunting, authority, and looking pretty. However historically there have been mass bans of weapons, like Cromwell melting all of England's swords, Australia banning automatic and semi-automatic weapons after the Port Arthur Massacre, and plenty others (don't think this is anywhere near a comprehensive list).

    So weapons are everywhere (and everywhen) humans are, though ruling bodies have a very long track record of banning or removing them. I'm a big war nerd and history nerd, so I know a lot about historical weaponry, and more than I probably should about guns (I can strip and maintain an AK but I can't take care of my own car). Being in Australia I can get all manor of swords and knives (with some restrictions, like no flick knives, and any short blade with an enclosed handle is out), though guns are heavily restricted (see Port Arthur Massacre). Pistols are right out unless you're police or certified security personnel, only certified citizens can have hunting/sporting rifles, and semi/full automatic rifles are the domain of the military.

    In terms of firearms, as a civilian I can get some relics and curios with a collector's license (when I'm older I'm hoping to get some WW1/2 era bolt action rifles). In terms of historical weaponry, I've already collected some swords, polearms, knives, and armour, all of which are legal thankyou.

    So, Colourless. I ask you. What do you think about weapons, historical and modern?. What do you think should be banned or allowed? Where do you draw the line? Are you currently hoarding weaponry, and if so, whatcha got?