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Parent: K-Pop/ Hallyu Wave (News, Comebacks, etc)

  1. #1098792017-04-06 02:44:26 *Mairu said:

    Colorless users & their groups

    Please tell us all who you support or who your bias is! Can't think of anything? Just say who your top 3 favorites are. It is a wonderful feeling to have something in common with others~

    @Mairu supports GOT7, BTS, & SHINee the most. She has a co-bias of Min Yoongi & Kim Namjoon.

    @piggu is an EXO D.O Fanboy

    @Kinnear supports Zico, Ravi and T.O.P

    @BakaHime supports GOT7, BTS, BIGBANG, DAY6, & F.T. Island. Is also an Yoongi Bias.

    @AkiraSaki supports EXO, Monsta X, Mamamoo, and Ikon. Her ult bias is D.O. also!