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  1. The Undateables

    #1098932017-04-06 17:10:36 *DarkChaplain said:

    Note: Banner taken from Googling the tread title and finding a TV show by the same name.

    Alright, I had a joke-y conversation today about Vegans being undateable and just living life wrong (they are, there can be no argument here!). That got me wondering what specific things or traits would turn somebody "undateable" to me. So I figured what they'd be for other people, and how different preferences (or dealbreakers) contrast.

    If possible, stay polite. Your picks for undateable things may well be insensitive, offensive or whatever - and I ask others to respect that and not attack users over them! - but you can almost always state them in a decent manner, or at least wrap them in humor somehow. Don't be an utter douchebag about things.

    Keep in mind that you can use markdown to make lists by putting a " * " in front of an item and ending the line with two spaces, repeating it per list item. It helps.

  2. #1098942017-04-06 17:19:01DarkChaplain said:

    So for me, there's obviously the aforementioned

    • Vegans: Meat is love, meat is life, nevermind all the other animal products they refuse eating. Foolish, stupid and just sucking the fun out of life. I just couldn't live with somebody like that.

    • Facial Piercings/Body Modifications: I just can't stand them. If they're elsewhere, I could deal with them, and earrings or clips don't really bother me. But stuff up your nose, brows, lips or tongue? No thank you. Also keep your earlobes intact, thanks. Most of these things might be solved by taking the piercings out, of course, but eh.

    • Drugheads / Smokers: Just no. If you have a history with trying drugs, that's one thing. But if that's still ongoing, that'd be a dealbreaker. I have friends who occassionally like to get high (I don't), and can tolerate it to a degree, but I wouldn't like to be in a relationship with a druggy. Even smoking is a big problem that'd be a reason for me to turn around from that sort of thing.

    • Long-ass fingernails, especially painted ones: Get the fuck away from me, Freddy Krueger. They ain't nice, they're a safety hazard. Brrrr.

    Now, the floor is yours.

  3. #1098992017-04-06 18:31:39Kinnear said:

    I'd never date rude or confrontational people. I'm one of those overly cheery hyper-optimists that exude positivity and I don't like to be around negative people for extended periods of time.

    I don't think I'd date anyone with poor mental health. This might seem insensitive, but I've been in a relationship in the past with someone who suffered from MDD (Major Depressive Disorder), and suicidal tendencies. It was really emotionally draining, and hard for me to deal with. Over the few years I was with her I changed from a very sympathetic, emotional person to who I am now, an apathetic dude who has trouble speaking about serious issues, especially those dealing with negative emotions.

    But thankfully I don't really need to worry about dating. I have Holly, and expect to for a very long time. :)

  4. #1099002017-04-06 18:36:39DarkChaplain said:

    I can relate. Had an ex with self-harm tendencies (though thankfully I mostly got her to drop those outside of extreme stress situations), and her past baggage made it very, very difficult. It was draining as fuck, you got it right there. Its often like you're walking on eggshells and her condition drags you down with her..

  5. #1099042017-04-06 18:58:50 *Mairu said:
    • Un-Classy tattoos or piercings: I enjoy fine art, but not when it is overboard. I prefer to have tattoos hidden or small. I enjoy piercings not on the face, but it is not fun to make-out with a guy who has a tongue piercing. It is weird and I didn't enjoy it.

    • Smokers: I hate the smell and refuse to smell the same way. If it is weed, keep it away from me and we are fine. My nose is too sensitive and I already have second-hand smoke damage.

    • Obese: I am not the skinniest girl, but if he/she weighs twice my weight then it is a HUGE turn-off. I like long lanky-ass boys and girls who was thicc af, but not obese.

    • Tardiness: I am punctual and they have to be too, or else it angers me and is a waste of my time.

  6. #1099062017-04-06 21:54:38shafnat said:

    I only ever dated someone once, it was 3 years from the starting of highschool and broke at the end of highschool. I think i learned some of what i don't like from her. What i write below are referencing to that.

    • A person that makes you feel bad when you can't fulfill anything she wants. Whether she gets angry or pretending to be okay don't care but actually angry instead of trying to talk, consult or trying to understand the situation you're in that you cant fulfill what she asks.

    • A person with "trying to look trendy" lifestyle but actually can't afford anything to live on that lifestyle. I think it's very representation of a non-honest person.

    • A person who doesn't like your friends. I don't have an actual close friend irl tho who i'm always hang around with or some shit, so in this case my friends are my internet friends. i left all my internet friends when im with my ex. cl included. idk but if i were dating someone, i'll try my best to get along with her friends, eventhough they are her internet friends. Whether he's a boy or a girl, annoying or not, i'll never make her feel distanced from their friendship. Instead, it'd be fun if we blend in and sometime could do things together.

    • The person who doesn't wanna learn, or don't wanna know. You know that someday you feel wanna rant some shit about your things that he/she probably doesn't understand. For example, if only i date someone who has different majoring in the university. Take example, she is a medical student. as an architecture student sometime i will rant when i'm depressed about homeworks or projects, sometime i also need to ask for critics and opinion about my designs from her. The same goes to me, i'd love to know about her medical lessons, listen to her trying to explain her things and anything. I hate it when someone just doesn't care. I believe the relationship wont last long with this kind of person.

    • The person who wants to be listened but dont wanna listen. I know not everyone can give a good advice for someone who has problems, but trying just to listen and cheering someone up is a different thing. I think it's just ridiculous dating someone just to have fun. They are also a place where you can lean on when things get emotional.

    but pffft idk nobody's perfect these flaws must be there in each human, now is just the matter of does even someone wants to date me lol

  7. #1099162017-04-07 03:15:40Lieutenant said:
    • A person who makes a big deal out of everything I say even if it's just a joke and/or I don't mean it. Especially when the 'argument' isn't needed and can be settled in a matter of minutes but they keep dragging it.

    • A person who makes me promise for everything because they will make you feel bad about it if you promised, because it's a big deal thing. For fuck's sake.

    • Someone who hangs upon his egoistical self too much they can't apologize.

    • Someone who can't answer a simple question and keeps complicate it to an extend, avoiding the original question.

    • I guess yeah someone who smokes too. Doesn't smell good when you wanna kiss em.

    • Dresses ridiculously. By that I mean; I have dated someone who wears a short and slippers on our date. Please make an effort to look nice, at least neat. It's not like I'm asking you to wear tuxedo or something.

    • Guys with long hair. Keep it short, lad.

  8. #1099212017-04-07 04:13:40Bavalt said:

    Most of mine have been mentioned already, but here they are anyway.

    Smoking/drugs/alcoholism. I'm allergic to cigarette smoke, hate the smell of marijuana, and just plain don't like the effect that unmoderated drug use has on people. I'm okay with occasional drinking, but that's about it.

    Depression/neediness. I can't handle the emotional strain that comes with being in a relationship with someone who's unhappy all the time. I'm also not emotionally expressive by any means, so I'd have a hard time dealing with someone who always looks to me for explicit validation and support (not that I wouldn't be supportive, I just don't like being forced to vocalize it.)

    Fighting. I don't like negativity, so someone who makes a big deal out of small situations out of boredom, or starts arguments to try and connect with me just isn't for me.

    Power dynamics. I'd want my relationship to be simple and genuine - I'm not interested in the more intense side of romance. One-upmanship in flirting is bothersome, and turning dating into the type of seduction tug-of-war that pop culture often depicts just sounds exhausting. I don't see the appeal of being dominant or submissive: mutual respect between equals is what I want.

  9. #1099262017-04-07 11:04:01Farris said:

    For me it is:

    • Rude, by rude I mean rude in the destructive way. (There is a difference)

    • Void of any form of reasoning.

    • Jewelry... I have a mild case of Kosmemophobia (For some reason I am OKAY with my girlfriend's lip piercing, probably because it's small and it's not golden).

    • Bimbos.

    • Materialistic people

    • Drama Queens

  10. #1099302017-04-07 16:39:51 *BakaHime said:

    Ahhh, this.. will be hard to explain. Because of my inconsistencies.


    will probably edit this to add more but for now, here

    • Drinkers. You can drink, sure, but I wouldn't be anywhere near you before, while, and after you drink.

    • Redundant. If you ask me to do something over and over with twice as much aggressiveness each time, we will definitely not get along. I heard you the first time, don't be a twat.

    • Overly pushy. Specifically about their opinions. If you had different opinions than me, don't be immature and accept it.

    • Naive. Even having friends like this would annoy me so much there wouldn't be a single meeting where I don't explode on them. Your brain is not there for you to ignore, it's there for you to use so fucking use it. Don't give me that follow your heart bullshit that heart of yours can only beat it can't help you think jackshit.

    • No/Poor table manners. Being a glutton is fine because again, I'm like that but I really hate people who don't have at least the basics down. Don't talk with your mouth full, don't chew with your mouth open. Not leaving your utensils in the proper position when you're finished eating really triggers me.

    • Constantly burping. That's it. Just.. burping. Even the word burp disgusts me. The only nearly rational reason I have for hating this is because I imagine the foulest stench coming out of someone's mouth when they burp. It's like a big green air of unknown stink is coming right at me. I watch too much shows.


  11. #1099372017-04-07 23:06:38 *Cloud-VK said:

    I'm not too picky, I can adapt to just ...about anything really. I can live with 99% of the things you guys have listed so far, and I wouldn't be bothered at all. Especially when it comes to piercings X3

    I only got one law I really follow, and that is

    • I'm not into obese people either, I don't mind women who are chubby, but I got my limit.

    That's my one thing.

  12. #1099522017-04-08 08:56:10 *piggu said:

    a humble list of reasonable requests

    • no cooking = no life

    • not having creative and productive hobbies

    • not having a 401k/roth ira/bonds/CDs/stocks/savings/stable job/assets

    • not being/on the way to become a THICC fertile goddess

    • not having 10/10/10 stats in charm, intelligence, and humor

    • when their height starts with a 5'

    • not trimming ass/pussy hair jungle/swamp/forest

    • having crabs die on your beach because your STDs mutated to fuck up other bodies because they got so bored of the usual AIDS and you just won't die already

    • not pushing yourself to become hokage one day. it's like you're not even trying nigga

  13. #1099532017-04-08 11:50:39 *Enami said:
    • People who, in general, cannot eat properly without making disgusting noises that trigger my Misophonia.

    • Arrogant/cheeky people. That's it, confidence does not equal narcissism or arrogance people.

    • People with no pride or dignity, I can't respect you if you can't respect yourself.

    • Shallow individuals whose words have no value. If you keep on telling everyone you know you love them, they're not gonna take you seriously when you mean it. I prefer people who are more sincere than that.

    • Overly positive/negative people. Wether you're edgy or pollyannish, being delusional is not attractive.

    • Immaturity. Being childlike at times is not necessarily a bad thing but please act your age and get serious in times that require you to do so. Especially, when arguments occur, I rather take the mature approach and talk it out.

    • Wanting to find love is fine but if that's your priority and sole goal in life.. Er.. yeah Idk about that.

    • Liars. Lying is part of human nature but there are things you do not lie about. I can easily forgive harmless and mild lies, but you lie one too many times and I'd never trust you again.

    That's not all, will probs update.

  14. #1099542017-04-08 12:32:19 *Qarr said:
    • STDS, I'm sorry but if you have any kind of STD I can't date or so much as hook up with you. Maybe if you were completely perfect in every other way we could get around that but really l, that's highly unlikely, and all around its just not worth it. And if you lie about that shit I will ruin you lmao

    • People who can't hold an intelligent conversation. You could literally be the most charming gorgeous person in the world but if you cant hold an intelligent conversation wtf are you even doing here gtfo

    • Smokers of any kind, I grew up with both my parents smoking that shit is just nasty and i honestly can't stand it blegh

    • If you don't try. FFS i shouldn't even have to say this but PLS put some effort. Any effort.

    • Complaints. I'm okay with getting ranted to and complained to but if you're doing NOTHING TO CHANGE YOUR SITUATION THEN GTFO

    • Someone with no prospects for their future. Nuff said.

    • Pushovers. I'm usually pretty shy around people i know/are friends with but once we're close enough to start dating(not casual hookups or fwbs) I can get very pushy. I'm very opinionated and have a lot to say on any given subject, and sometimes I'll argue for the other side just for the fuck of it. So if you can't handle a debate or a heated discussion on a daily basis It's just a big no lmao. Ya also need to be able to shoot me down/tell me I'm wrong on something if you feel slighted.


  15. #1099582017-04-08 15:59:32 *Sheep said:

    Since most have been mentioned, I will just quote since I'm lazy.

    Facial Piercings/Body Modifications

    dirty dirty. not that i'm a very clean person.


    i have asthma. would only date that type of person if i wanted to die


    if you're depressed, i get depressed too. and that's bad specially for my health


    just no. i might end up ignoring you

    • Bad odor. Because eugh

    • Messy. If you can't lift a single finger to clean up your trash, then shoo.

    That's all for now, I guess? Will fix sometime.

  16. #1099592017-04-08 16:37:40Biscuits said:
    • Morons and below
    • People who have tattoos and/or piercings
    • Ultra-extraverts
    • Smokers
    • Drunkards
    • Lazy people
    • Close-minded people
    • People who are cruel to animals
    • People who have poor hygiene
  17. #1099602017-04-08 16:52:30virtuNat said:

    Well since I've become single again, it won't hurt for me to set my boundaries for any future encounters of the romantic kind, redundancy be damned.

    • Smokers. My primary turn off is somebody who regularly torments their own lungs and pollutes the air with shit like that. I don't care if it's vape, weed, or tobacco, my health is very sensitive and I will not willingly hang around people who have it as a hobby for extended periods of time. Living in the city is bad enough.

    • Vegans and Conservative Religious people. Now you'd think that they don't belong in the same category, but the reason for both is that I just won't share my life with someone who is in all likelihood practically guaranteed to push their lifestyle choices on me.

    • Unhygenic people. I personally don't consider myself to be the utmost paragon of hygiene and all things clean, but at least I put effort into keeping clean. I would expect at least something similar from the other.

    • STDs. Having one is a definite deal breaker. I want to enjoy my already short life as much as I can, you know?

    • Depression. I personally don't hold anything against people with depression in general, but it was the main deal-breaker in my last relationship as it just got me so emotionally burned out from attempting to understand the problem, handle it, and make sure they didn't kill themselves while trying to maintain the kind of emotional investment I had at the start. It's just not something I'm willing to go through again.

    • Nit-pickiness. Look, what I want is a life partner, not a substitute mother. I'm fine with criticism, but people who tend to nag on every little thing have a tendency to make others feel like they're below them.

    • Air-headed Materialistic Normies. People are most often born with this thing called a brain. I prefer engaging in a relationship with people who know how to actually use that part of themselves properly.

    This probably isn't all of it, but it's fresh from the semi-salty post-breakup mentality I've gotten so it's as good as I've got.

  18. #1100092017-04-10 18:22:56shafnat said:

    below my lists there is

    nobody's perfect these flaws must be there in each human, now is just the matter of does even someone wants to date me
  19. #1100132017-04-10 19:14:50 *Coldu said:

    This thread has definitely caught my attention.

    • Non-smokers. I personally don't mind them, but it would be super lame to be in a relationship with a non-smoker. I smoke ciggs sometime and I feel perfectly fine, it's like a stress-relieving ritual for me. Every moment shared on a balcony, smoking a cigg late at night, is simply magical in its own way..if I can't share that with my S/O, it's a big deal-breaker. Also w33d regularly. <3

    • Obsessive meat lovers. Seriously, this one grosses me out. If you eat meat, that's okay, but if you eat it all the time and worship it, that's just gross. I wouldn't call myself vegetarian, but I avoid eating meat as much as possible. People who find great joy and satisfaction in eating meat are honestly unappealing to me. You're consuming a murdered animal, woo-hoo, fantastic.

    • Non-alcohol consumers. Seriously though, I love drinking beer and wine and everything nice, as long as it's in moderate amounts. I don't even drink so often, like, once a week at most...But If my S/O doesn't even take a sip with me once in a while, that's just sad. Drinking is not so important to me, but it's a contributing factor. There's just something very attractive about guys who drink.

    • Close-minded people, assholes, liars, unfaithfulness. This one is self-explanatory.

    • Tattoos and Piercing haters. Seriously, I love people with tattoos and piercings, I admire them for their artistic and cool look. I would definitely not be able to date someone that dislikes tattoos and piercings, it just seems very close-minded to me. My family and relatives have tattoos and I'm proud of them, I would even love to have my own, albeit small, tattoo one day.

    • People who can't take NO for an answer. Like, seriously, am I speaking Chinese or what?

  20. #1100202017-04-10 21:39:49DarkChaplain said:


    DC-level shitposting; I couldn't find a simple clip of the emote so I ended up unpacking HS audio packages, finding the emotes, then downloading a video editor and making my own mp4 to put onto Youtube. Fuck this shit :'D

  21. #1100162017-04-10 20:00:14awkwardangels said:
    • People who drink alcohol. This one is a huge and personal one, but for very personal reasons I can't ever date someone who drinks. Whenever I see alcohol I get really anxious and sometimes break down crying. You can have tons of fun without it anyway, I do.

    • Offensive assholes. By offensive I mean bigots, alt-right, racist sexist pieces of shit. I hate these types and you can count me to call you out if you are one.

    • People who hate animals. This one is pretty self explanatory but I love animals more than anything and can't stand animal haters so.

    That's all I can think of, really. Oddly enough I'm not super picky, but then again I'm taking a really really long break from dating.