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The Undateables

  1. #1136222018-04-01 08:54:36DictatorHilton said:

    Guys who don't exercise, either don't bother with politics or whose views differ too much from mine and dress like a walking mess are definitely a no

  2. #1146652018-09-19 10:57:03c1arcy said:

    ♥ someone that attaches themselves upon you, holds you down. Basically abusive relationships either emotional or physical that feeds on your mental health and doesn't help build you as a person

    ♥ someone who gaslights

    ♥ someone that isn't hygiene friendly, everyone can at least wash.

    ♥ I don't like people that are rude. I genuinely just like people that nice

    ♥ I like when people promote self care. It is nice

    ♥ Someone that has a personality is good, cant like someone thats got a personality like stale bran flakes