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The Undateables

  1. #1146652018-09-19 10:57:03c1arcy said:

    ♥ someone that attaches themselves upon you, holds you down. Basically abusive relationships either emotional or physical that feeds on your mental health and doesn't help build you as a person

    ♥ someone who gaslights

    ♥ someone that isn't hygiene friendly, everyone can at least wash.

    ♥ I don't like people that are rude. I genuinely just like people that nice

    ♥ I like when people promote self care. It is nice

    ♥ Someone that has a personality is good, cant like someone thats got a personality like stale bran flakes

  2. #1146672018-09-20 08:57:50Wolfangle said:

    Basic people

    Most of you normie punks. It's tiring as fuck to see people everywhere I go who's just a copy & paste of someone else I can easily find within 2 minutes of looking around

    Preppy fucks

    The person who's too trapped in the modern fad of being hassled with needless drama & rumors. So like, most of you, I could name a few. Yea I could care less about how much dick you get or need to get cause it's been a week without. Or the fact that you hate certain people fore terrible reasons, like "they looked at me funny once 3 years ago", fuck off.

    Not Enough Struggle

    Wanting struggle in a person is like a double edged sword. There's no actual positive parts to this if talking about an entire spectrum. But it's annoying dealing with people who haven't lived trouble to combat it. Instead to come to terms with you, they go out on a shopping list of sub par 'bad things' that's happened to them. I'm not saying you need to see shit like people dying or living it like I have, but struggle creates wisdom. And a person without wisdom isn't someone worth hanging around. They just laugh around to the trend of conundrums wishing to die while they enjoy their posh lifestyle like it's a meme to have struggle. Fuck off with that.

    Baseless boring self absorbed fuck brained shit stained oblivious to the fucking boring and worthless lives they live without trying to do more

    I just hate when people discard their potential, living with it as if that's all they're good for.

    Drugs? I'm okay with it, just..

    I could care less if they smoke or do drugs. Devil's advocate is a thing, figure out the safe methods of what you're doing. Just look forward to a positive outlook than drowning your brains in them. Otherwise you'll end up like 2 of my exes. Drugs ruin you if you misuse them out of proportion


    Yea.. Nah. I just don't. Don't be a fucking twig either, health is important. But it grosses me out. My preference, not yours

    I mainly vented out tbh, its 5am & I'm tired as hell.