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Parent: K-Pop/ Hallyu Wave (News, Comebacks, etc)

  1. #1099012017-04-06 18:38:55Mairu said:

    Thank you for helping me add more terms! <3 Yoongi is my bias, but Namjoonie fucks me up

    I like how you introduced the members of each group, so thank you for that too! Also, FTISLAND came back not long ago, didn't they? I know they had a Japanese comeback about a week ago, but I know I saw them on the rumored upcoming comebacks for April!


    Suga is our lord and Savior. https://68.media.tumblr.com/9fef8428f1fba9b469c18b7f0449bb8a/tumblr_oescx1H16C1twwfjlo1_500.gif