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Parent: The Undateables

  1. #1099062017-04-06 21:54:38shafnat said:

    I only ever dated someone once, it was 3 years from the starting of highschool and broke at the end of highschool. I think i learned some of what i don't like from her. What i write below are referencing to that.

    • A person that makes you feel bad when you can't fulfill anything she wants. Whether she gets angry or pretending to be okay don't care but actually angry instead of trying to talk, consult or trying to understand the situation you're in that you cant fulfill what she asks.

    • A person with "trying to look trendy" lifestyle but actually can't afford anything to live on that lifestyle. I think it's very representation of a non-honest person.

    • A person who doesn't like your friends. I don't have an actual close friend irl tho who i'm always hang around with or some shit, so in this case my friends are my internet friends. i left all my internet friends when im with my ex. cl included. idk but if i were dating someone, i'll try my best to get along with her friends, eventhough they are her internet friends. Whether he's a boy or a girl, annoying or not, i'll never make her feel distanced from their friendship. Instead, it'd be fun if we blend in and sometime could do things together.

    • The person who doesn't wanna learn, or don't wanna know. You know that someday you feel wanna rant some shit about your things that he/she probably doesn't understand. For example, if only i date someone who has different majoring in the university. Take example, she is a medical student. as an architecture student sometime i will rant when i'm depressed about homeworks or projects, sometime i also need to ask for critics and opinion about my designs from her. The same goes to me, i'd love to know about her medical lessons, listen to her trying to explain her things and anything. I hate it when someone just doesn't care. I believe the relationship wont last long with this kind of person.

    • The person who wants to be listened but dont wanna listen. I know not everyone can give a good advice for someone who has problems, but trying just to listen and cheering someone up is a different thing. I think it's just ridiculous dating someone just to have fun. They are also a place where you can lean on when things get emotional.

    but pffft idk nobody's perfect these flaws must be there in each human, now is just the matter of does even someone wants to date me lol