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Parent: The Undateables

  1. #1099162017-04-07 03:15:40 *Lieutenant said:
    • A person who makes a big deal out of everything I say even if it's just a joke and/or I don't mean it. Especially when the 'argument' isn't needed and can be settled in a matter of minutes but they keep dragging it.

    • A person who makes me promise for everything because they will make you feel bad about it if you promised, because it's a big deal thing. For fuck's sake.

    • Someone who hangs upon his egoistical self too much they can't apologize.

    • Someone who can't answer a simple question and keeps complicate it to an extend, avoiding the original question.

    • Dresses ridiculously. By that I mean; I have dated someone who wears a short and slippers on our date. Please make an effort to look nice, at least neat. It's not like I'm asking you to wear tuxedo or something.

    • Guys with long hair. Keep it short, lad.