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Parent: The Undateables

  1. #1099302017-04-07 16:39:51 *BakaHime said:

    Ahhh, this.. will be hard to explain. Because of my inconsistencies.


    will probably edit this to add more but for now, here

    • Drinkers. You can drink, sure, but I wouldn't be anywhere near you before, while, and after you drink.

    • Redundant. If you ask me to do something over and over with twice as much aggressiveness each time, we will definitely not get along. I heard you the first time, don't be a twat.

    • Overly pushy. Specifically about their opinions. If you had different opinions than me, don't be immature and accept it.

    • Naive. Even having friends like this would annoy me so much there wouldn't be a single meeting where I don't explode on them. Your brain is not there for you to ignore, it's there for you to use so fucking use it. Don't give me that follow your heart bullshit that heart of yours can only beat it can't help you think jackshit.

    • No/Poor table manners. Being a glutton is fine because again, I'm like that but I really hate people who don't have at least the basics down. Don't talk with your mouth full, don't chew with your mouth open. Not leaving your utensils in the proper position when you're finished eating really triggers me.

    • Constantly burping. That's it. Just.. burping. Even the word burp disgusts me. The only nearly rational reason I have for hating this is because I imagine the foulest stench coming out of someone's mouth when they burp. It's like a big green air of unknown stink is coming right at me. I watch too much shows.