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Parent: The Undateables

  1. #1099532017-04-08 11:50:39 *Enami said:
    • People who, in general, cannot eat properly without making disgusting noises that trigger my Misophonia.

    • Arrogant/cheeky people. That's it, confidence does not equal narcissism or arrogance people.

    • People with no pride or dignity, I can't respect you if you can't respect yourself.

    • Shallow individuals whose words have no value. If you keep on telling everyone you know you love them, they're not gonna take you seriously when you mean it. I prefer people who are more sincere than that.

    • Overly positive/negative people. Wether you're edgy or pollyannish, being delusional is not attractive.

    • Immaturity. Being childlike at times is not necessarily a bad thing but please act your age and get serious in times that require you to do so. Especially, when arguments occur, I rather take the mature approach and talk it out.

    • Wanting to find love is fine but if that's your priority and sole goal in life.. Er.. yeah Idk about that.

    • Liars. Lying is part of human nature but there are things you do not lie about. I can easily forgive harmless and mild lies, but you lie one too many times and I'd never trust you again.

    That's not all, will probs update.