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  1. Mobile Phone Games

    #1099622017-04-08 17:43:19Jake said:

    We all play mobile phone games. Either when we are sat on the toilet, sat waiting for food or just because we are hooked. I would like to know what games you play and are looking forward to.

    I play Soccer Spirits (A soccer game where you collect your players and upgrade their powers. Choose to stick with one of the elements i.e Darkness, Light or 4 others. To rule the leagues), I also play Hearthstone on my phone (Simple enough TCG game, can start to seem as a pay 2 play game but once you get a few games in you can Free 2 play.).

    What do you play?

  2. #1099632017-04-08 17:52:32Kinnear said:

    Right now, more or less none. But I have FE: Heroes, Tuber Simulator, NANACA CRASH, Words with Friends and Battle Cats.

  3. #1099642017-04-08 18:02:03 *mizlily said:

    I'm playing Trcky, it is so stupid but I still play it. It's a riddle type of game that "scores" your IQ

    My score is terrible btw. I think this is the Halloween edition

  4. #1099672017-04-08 21:32:19DarkChaplain said:

    sat waiting for food

    Who plays mobile games while waiting for food? That's pretty damn rude. When you sit down with people, you chat, rather than play games on your phone.

    Either way, I play Picrosses mostly. That, and Sudoku, Puzzlerama and Solitaire. That's basically it.

  5. #1099692017-04-08 21:56:32Jake said:

    @DarkChaplain Depending on the situation, it may not be rude to play games while waiting on food. For example, When you are waiting outside of a gate of a compound for takeaway