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Parent: The Undateables

  1. #1100132017-04-10 19:14:50 *Coldu said:

    This thread has definitely caught my attention.

    • Non-smokers. I personally don't mind them, but it would be super lame to be in a relationship with a non-smoker. I smoke ciggs sometime and I feel perfectly fine, it's like a stress-relieving ritual for me. Every moment shared on a balcony, smoking a cigg late at night, is simply magical in its own way..if I can't share that with my S/O, it's a big deal-breaker. Also w33d regularly. <3

    • Obsessive meat lovers. Seriously, this one grosses me out. If you eat meat, that's okay, but if you eat it all the time and worship it, that's just gross. I wouldn't call myself vegetarian, but I avoid eating meat as much as possible. People who find great joy and satisfaction in eating meat are honestly unappealing to me. You're consuming a murdered animal, woo-hoo, fantastic.

    • Non-alcohol consumers. Seriously though, I love drinking beer and wine and everything nice, as long as it's in moderate amounts. I don't even drink so often, like, once a week at most...But If my S/O doesn't even take a sip with me once in a while, that's just sad. Drinking is not so important to me, but it's a contributing factor. There's just something very attractive about guys who drink.

    • Close-minded people, assholes, liars, unfaithfulness. This one is self-explanatory.

    • Tattoos and Piercing haters. Seriously, I love people with tattoos and piercings, I admire them for their artistic and cool look. I would definitely not be able to date someone that dislikes tattoos and piercings, it just seems very close-minded to me. My family and relatives have tattoos and I'm proud of them, I would even love to have my own, albeit small, tattoo one day.

    • People who can't take NO for an answer. Like, seriously, am I speaking Chinese or what?

  2. #1100202017-04-10 21:39:49DarkChaplain said:


    DC-level shitposting; I couldn't find a simple clip of the emote so I ended up unpacking HS audio packages, finding the emotes, then downloading a video editor and making my own mp4 to put onto Youtube. Fuck this shit :'D

  3. #1117602017-08-21 11:02:59Coldu said:

    @Wolfange , looking back at this post makes me realize how cringy it sounds, fjc why am i like this. (the only meat i love is the one that hasn't been separated from its skeleton)