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Parent: The Undateables

  1. #1100162017-04-10 20:00:14awkwardangels said:
    • People who drink alcohol. This one is a huge and personal one, but for very personal reasons I can't ever date someone who drinks. Whenever I see alcohol I get really anxious and sometimes break down crying. You can have tons of fun without it anyway, I do.

    • Offensive assholes. By offensive I mean bigots, alt-right, racist sexist pieces of shit. I hate these types and you can count me to call you out if you are one.

    • People who hate animals. This one is pretty self explanatory but I love animals more than anything and can't stand animal haters so.

    That's all I can think of, really. Oddly enough I'm not super picky, but then again I'm taking a really really long break from dating.