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  1. #1100502017-04-12 14:57:55 *EvoRulz said:

    yeah i hope they don't tie it too closely through character dev.. the concept was nice but yeah...

    you can see pretty clearly where profits > story and such :P i just hang out for the good bits i guess

  2. #1100552017-04-12 19:29:05 *mizlily said:

    I don't understand why they deviated so much from BORUTO the movie character design, so much customer confusion. Nvm, I just realized they are still in the academy, which explains the discrepancies.

    And now there is soyme weird samurai sub plot. prays

  3. #1120432017-09-21 12:29:06 *armedzerox said:

    i was fascinated with naruto world my entire life. I love Boruto aswell as it shows how the old naruto gang is going, how the kids behave, and how the progress of the world is going towards the modern life. It also give me an idea how not to behave towards your own children. people always say bad about boruto. But i love it, people just can't accept the change sometimes. things, musics, plots etc. it changes. get over it.

  4. #1120462017-09-22 05:43:19Warlock said:

    I'm glad we have Boruto at least, since Naruto finished. Still feels weird not to have Naruto and Bleach airing anymore though.

  5. #1121182017-09-29 02:27:40 *EvoRulz said:

    time for another episode 0_0 <3

    That whole sasuke arc was AWESOME

    It looks like they have chosen a main story now going by the second latest episode as of the date this post was made

    to me it sounds pretty good haha, i like that they are in a way following what the movie suggested would happen

  6. #1128192017-12-21 09:09:51EvoRulz said:

    I don't know if anyone else has seen the latest episode (38) but they're just nailing the history repeating themes! What may seem obvious has a twist, and what may be unexpected... is HILARIOUS XD OMC

  7. #1143482018-07-23 06:13:23 *EvoRulz said:

    At this point i'm beginning to enjoy Boruto even more than the original Naruto series and a lot of shippuden arcs

  8. #1144682018-08-14 00:05:21miako said:

    Evo is in ecstasy. You reaaly love boruto don t you?! I m not part of the boruto fan unfortunately. I grew up with Naruto so i will always appreciate Naruto more than anything else about ninja.

  9. #1144732018-08-14 17:03:23EvoRulz said:

    latest episodes are fillers NOOOOO i thought we were past this why O-O bad boruto bad! surely the next arc will start soon :V

  10. #1157242019-02-09 17:29:12EvoRulz said:

    bump for @mizlily

    also, I wonder what the next arc will be :D i wonder if they're gonna do the whole 'timeskip' thing or if they'll split the show up into multiple series ahhh. I don't get tired of ninjas if they play them right, but boruto makes it seem... too child friendly for me. hoping this will change.