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  1. CL Short Story Project 7: Nobody Alive to Unsticky This, Eh?

    #1100742017-04-14 12:55:54 *DarkChaplain said:

    This thread is a follow up to:

    For the full project details, please refer to those threads.


    As my proposed project topic has not received any blowback or counter proposals, and instead was met with enthusiasm, the topic of this project will be based on the following line:

    The End of All You Know

    Let this phrase run through your head and think about it. Think of the possibilities it covers. We all experience turning points in our lives that see us dumbfounded.

    In my eyes, this could offer a range from personal, even internal conflicts of characters, or even go as big as the end of the world or universe, with everything in between that puts an ending of some sort into focus. It could be about an old man suffering from Alzheimers, dark gods wiping out humankind, or something as small as moving to a new town or graduating school. You can go many places with it, and draw upon a lot of personal experience I believe, so it is appealing tome.

    It also allows you to pour your own ideas and thoughts into it, your own moral standings or outlooks. Do you think a particular end is soulcrushing, or merely a new beginning? Is the end inevitable or laced with regret? Or maybe it is even something to aspire to and rise above? Honestly, you can shape your stories to your own mindframe, or try breaking out of your preconceived notions. Either way, it looks exciting to me.

    The Approved Format

    • Aim to have a word limit around 1500 to 10000. Its okay if you come up short or overshoot by a little, especially if you're participating for the first time. I decided to lower the entry point by another 500 words from last time, to encourage some more dabbling here.
    • Don't bother with fancy fonts or line spacing, I'll just end up making the entire Anthology a single font and space!
    • If you require your story to feature a second font type, which may be used to show machine-speak or other curiosities (which is not uncommon in Fiction), please let me know ahead of time.
    • Your story should be your own. That means no fan fiction, or tie-in fiction to existing stories or media (unless they are your own). You have to be original.
    • Please Save your written work in Rich Text Format (.RTF)before finalizing it and submitting it to me. See the below image: http://i.imgur.com/kUpLdMU.png

    The following Not Safe for Work Restrictions apply:

    There may be no gratuitously sexual scenes in your story. While your story may have sexual aspects, taking it too far will have you disqualified. Tasteless smut will not be tolerated! You can get away with implying a scene like this, if it furthers the plot and does not become excessive. Remember that we have younger users on here!

    • An additional request: If you use italics, please mark them as you would on the forum by placing two asterisks around the word or phrase! This will help me when formatting your stories for the ebooks!

    Submitting Your Story

    Do NOT post your full story, or huge chunks of it, on this thread or anywhere else on the forum!

    Send me your *.RTF file via PM on here, or alternatively via Skype (@ DarkChaplain). You may use dropbox or similar sites to upload your file for easy sharing.

    Project Schedule

    You have from today (Friday, April 14th) until Sunday, May 21st Sunday, June 4th to submit your story.


    Thanks @--Jack-- for doing the calendar thing last time. That makes it so much easier to visualize, doesn't it?

    Now, Good Writing!

    If you need inspiration or help, feel free to engage the other participants in discussion about things.


  2. #1100872017-04-14 23:32:59DarkChaplain said:

    I have no idea if I set this up correctly, but I made a Discord server thing for this stuff. This link here should get you access, I hope.

    Getting in there is obviously not a requirement but if you want a place to discuss and share stuff, it might be useful.

    I miss the days when everybody used Skype and that was that...

  3. #1101662017-04-20 21:05:33DarkChaplain said:

    I saw on the Discord thing that @Bavalt's got a neat idea going for himself already. I'm relatively unsure about my own subject still.

    Does anybody else have any ideas they'd like to share yet? If so, feel free to get on the Discord thingy and tell the rest about them.

  4. #1102842017-04-29 16:44:31DarkChaplain said:

    Reminder that we are already TWO WEEKS into this. Time's ticking, guys and girls!

    I, myself, just finally had an idea I want to go with. Showers do wonders for ideas, I've found. Let's hope I can pull it off as well as I imagined it.

    Anybody else made some progress yet?

  5. #1105332017-05-14 21:29:58 *Cloud-VK said:

    Well don’t count on me to get it done; you know how I am with these things. But I thought, maybe an abduction story was a good idea for the topic.

    So my story is about, bitchy high-school queen bee Chloe, who is abducted by a giant psychopathic red-neck hunter (who may purposely remain unnamed) whose favorite prey is young women, and who is only after the thrill he gets from the games he plays with his prey.

    My struggle is with the sexual aspects of my story, since I’m actively trying to follow the no smut rule, it makes writing kind of hard in an abduction story, since rape takes place in the story. As well as some humiliating acts in exchange for survival.

    Like I said though, I’m actively trying to follow the no smut rule, and keep this thing as reader friendly as possible, while being horrifying and disgusting. ...guess I also better reference the rules for the horror anthropology. Gotta keep the gore in check too.

    Anyhow, that's what I've been working on.

    I think I’m doing alright though.

  6. #1105472017-05-15 12:45:08DarkChaplain said:

    Well folks, we all saw it coming, didn't we?

    After careful deliberation and doing some poking around, I've decided to extend the project until

    Sunday, June 4th

    This is mostly down to people being stuck with exams right now. Would've been fantastic if that had been made clear on the discussion thread ahead of time, rather than mentioned in passing afterwards, but what's done is done.

    I'd rather move the deadline by two weeks than end up with very little to show for this one.
    So here's to you, @Sheep, @Qarr and co, hopefully this'll help you get your feet in the door once you're done with the stressful stuff.

    Keep it tasteful and not gratuitously sexual. Focus on the trauma rather than the acts themselves, if you really have to pick something like that.

  7. #1105612017-05-16 00:04:38Sheep said:

    I'd rather you don't expect I submit something >=> I'm much more comfortable writing poems than stories... Tho I did say I'll try to write something <=< but not submit it. T-Thanks.

  8. #1106692017-05-23 00:26:31DarkChaplain said:

    Two weeks left, guys and gals!

    I hear that @Farris is coming along nicely already. Good. Also looking forward to whatever @Qarr may end up submitting. Still hoping for @Sheep to give it an honest try and not be too shy.

  9. #1109952017-06-05 08:17:53DarkChaplain said:

    In theory, the deadline has passed.

    Practically, I don't care. I won't bother formally pushing it back once more though. Instead I'll start on the editing when the 5th submission reaches me and close it for good when the ebooks are basically done for release.

    The only submission that has reached me so far was @Sheep's, and it may yet go through revisions if she so desires. I know that @Farris is working on it but have told him to enjoy his time with the waifu and not worry about rushing his piece out, so I am content with that. @Cloud-VK is working on it too I heard via PM. @Bavalt appears to be on it too.

    I haven't heard from @Qarr in a few days but I hope her current dilemma will push her into writing so at least something positive will come off of it. We'll see.

    If you haven't gotten going yet but still want to join, now's the chance. Realistically I'd say that, i everybody who's working on it right now keeps it up, there's another week or two of juice in this yet. More if things get further complicated. So even if you're a newcomer, or late bloomer, there is ample time.

  10. #1110372017-06-07 13:00:43Cloud-VK said:

    Yeah @DarkChaplain , if your wondering at all why I didn't turn in when I said I would, it's just cause I saw this post and decided to take a bit more time on mine.

    ...making revisions and stuff.

  11. #1125922017-12-03 04:20:20 *wu-se said:

    Why is this still stuck to the front page. Clearly this project was abandoned to die.

  12. #1125972017-12-03 09:52:04Kirn said:

    Well, I didn't want to be the first to say it here, but yeah. Pretty much, example of my last chess tournament shown already that we lost the ability to do anything at all, and this thread is just one of the last nails in the coffin. Unstick it and let it die naturally.