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Parent: Movies based on true stories.

  1. #1100942017-04-15 06:37:21Kirn said:

    Hidden Figures (2016)

    This is a movie about some very talented black girls in NASA, who rose up with their skills during the time of segregation. This movie was nominated for Oscars, but did not win any nominations.
    Now, my usual place shows me that a movie is very uneven in its handling of the truth. Now, there are obviously true facts. 2 women who are the supporting characters of the story represent the first NASA black woman engineer and supervisor, which is a mighty fine feat. And Katherine Johnson herself is, it seems, is an absolutely amazing mathematician. Computer from the time of before computers. And she really did calculate a fuckton of amazing trajectories, and re-checked Glenn's trajectory plan just before the rocket launch. In that regard, story gives us some interesting facts.
    On the other hand, movie has 2 main problems. First is a very obvious emphasis on segregation. I mean, yes, for fuck's sake, it was there, obviously. But absolutely not in the way that is represented in the movie. Running to the colored bathroom? Unexaggerated and happened to a different girl. Problem with attending meetings? Bullshit. Disdain at work? Not true. Fuck, even 2 characters who are in the movie to oppress blacks, and one character who is there to fight that oppression are mostly just fictional and not based on real people.
    And the other thing that is shown in that movie is that, with emphasis on achievement of the blacks, movie makes it feel like whites did no work at all. Most ridiculous part of it is when the black woman manages to start the IBM computer, with which the IBM people themselves have some apparent trouble. That looks extremely weird to me, and I haven't been able to find if there is any truth to that part, as all articles I saw seem to glance over it.

    All in all? I learned some new stuff with that movie, but am glad it did not win any Oscars.