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  1. The Dark Age of Technology / What You Kids Missed Out On

    #1101112017-04-16 21:06:26 *DarkChaplain said:

    I was taking a long bath tonight, listening to a recent Star Wars audiobook and it brought up Clone Wars technology (You know like, those stupid Droids from the Prequel Trilogy?). Nobody remembers that shit properly anymore by the Original Trilogy, let alone the sequels, and it got me thinking about you lot.

    Earlier still I found out that barely anybody here knows of, let alone has watched, The Last Unicorn, based on Peter S. Beagle's masterwork novel. Disgraceful, really. So what else would kids these days not know?

    How about VHS? Walkman? The proper one using cassettes. You remember those? You had to rewind them to listen to 'em again! Inconceivable to "Generation Linkster", I assume.

    So here's the question I'm gonna ask and poll you on.
    Who of you has had a VideCassette Recorder (VCR; See Thread Header)? Who has never seen one? Did you use one before? Did your household got rid of that for the sake of DVDs before you acquired conscious thought?

    The videocassette recorder, VCR, or video recorder is an electromechanical device that records analog audio and analog video from broadcast television or other source on a removable, magnetic tape videocassette, and can play back the recording. Use of a VCR to record a television program to play back at a more convenient time is commonly referred to as timeshifting. VCRs can also play back prerecorded tapes. In the 1980s and 1990s, prerecorded videotapes were widely available for purchase and rental, and blank tapes were sold to make recordings.

    What other pieces of technology have you forgotten about or never knew existed? Feel free to post and share other things you know that others might not, or are long-since obsolete from a technical standpoint. If you're good, you can add a bit of general info or an explanation of what your marvel of old tech used to do.

    Welcome to the Dark Age of Technology. When videocassettes used up incredible amounts of space on shelves and you'd still run games off of 25 floppy disks.

  2. #1101142017-04-17 06:52:39virtuNat said:

    Damn, I remember the VCR player with built-in speaker system that my great grandfather owned (I think it had a radio too?). Huge blocky piece of work. I've played with the tapes when I was young. They've since disposed of it though- it stopped working some years ago.

    My dad owned a walkman at some point but I never saw it.

  3. #1101152017-04-17 07:26:03BakaHime said:

    That rat who clicked on never heard of them was me

    I ignored the picture and went straight for the poll I am ashamed. I have a bunch of disney vhs movies though. :D

    Teehee :--D

  4. #1101162017-04-17 09:42:33Kirn said:

    Nothing dark about VHS. It's not dark age of technology, unless previous stage was more advanced, and that stage was an actual drop of tech. Actually, considering audio and video tape as dark tech - is rather weird, and shows either desire to show off something newer generations didn't have or inability to understand the pathway of progress.

    Dark age was from 5th to 10th centuries. Also from 15th to 25th millennium in Warhammer 40K.

    Oh, and also, my family had one of those.


  5. #1101652017-04-20 20:55:51nero98 said:

    I only recently got to experience these, but I cleaned out my nana's house and she told me to take what I wanted so I got my dad's tape deck and record player and stuff.

    tape deck