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  1. Life Changing

    #1101252017-04-18 22:57:38 *Cloud-VK said:


    Have any of you guys and gals ever heard something from somebody that changed your life? or maybe how you view yourself? Something that you just can't shake off? Something that haunts you for better or for worse?

    C? I'm willing to bet we've all heard something like this. That's why I'm making this thread, I think it's something we all probably got in common.

    Maybe it was advice? A clever one-liner? Constructive criticism? Perhaps, a really deep insult?

    I just want to know want sorts of things Cl'ers might of heard in their lives that really meant something deep to them~

    1 RULE!

    Use quotations please~ Like your quoting whoever told you whatever it was!

    Oh, and feel free to give background, you don't gotta, but you can.

    This will be fun~

    I'll start~

    "Your just acting out to get attention!" - Phrase truly haunts me, cause I kinda wonder if I do everything just to fuel some lame ass need for attention

    "You look like a serial killer." - Why thanks hun! Best compliment ever! Ex-GF ...5 years ago. She wasn't trying to insult me, guess it's just what she thought at the time. Anyhow several people have told me that since ...sooo. It must be true ; - ;

    "Be unstoppable." - Ok honestly I just happen to read that off the back of a cough drop wrapper a few months ago. But, it's the first thing that goes through my mind each day, when I head out.

    "You want too much, too fast." - Reason I thought of making this thread today! I was making out with a girl today, kinda went wild, anyhow that's the response I got after. Instantly I thought ...that's deep. It was sounded cute from her, but still ...I'll remember that line.

  2. #1101262017-04-19 00:33:01 *DarkChaplain said:

    might of heard ಠ_ಠ

    There's plenty of these things stuck in my mind. I won't go into ones that I was specifically told by people, though. Without context, they wouldn't be all that interesting, and I'm not about to give history lessons.

    However, there are a few things from literature that have stuck with me for a long time.

    I'll start with only one here, from J.R.R. Tolkien's The Children of Húrin. It is still my favorite book to this very day, and it is in no small part due to the first chapter, where these lines come from:

    "‘Give with a free hand, but give only your own,’"


    "‘All three gifts were your own to give, Túrin: love, pity, and the knife the least.’"

    Túrin, the protagonist, receives an elvish knife for his birthday. He decides to give it to old Sador, the crippled craftsman, who told him tales of the past and his own shame.
    He would refuse things that Túrin found, or stole somewhere, which brought about the first line, but when Túrin got the knife and offered it freely, he couldn't refuse out of cultural obligations.

    Later, Túrin's parents noticed he wasn't carrying the knife, and his mother thinks he doesn't like and cherish it; while the elves were still numerous in those days, a weapon like that was no small thing. So he told them he gave it away out of pity and love for Sador; he wasn't well-regarded due to his status as a cripple. Húrin said the second line I quoted, and it has stuck with me ever since reading it the first time.

    To me, this is a profound little bit that probably not many people would really notice or remember. But when you do think about it, realize the message it holds, it is quite beautiful.
    I am not entirely sure that it really actively influenced me. It has been too long to compare before and after.

    However, it springs to mind whenever I end up giving something to somebody. It makes me realize I'm not just giving away an object, but also a degree of compassion and care. It might not be more than a simple video game, or an ebook, or a piece of candy for a neighbor child, but that's not the point. I'm giving something of myself, a piece of compassion, whether the recipient realizes it or not. Though I do struggle with gift ideas a lot of the time, because it is hard to find something that matches that most of the time.

    At the end of the day, I wouldn't be surprised if I've become more generous as a result of those sections. Sometimes it can be detrimental, too, but I rarely find myself regretting the loss of a thing as long as it was given with good intent. And there I went, writing an essay after all!

    "Too much, too fast" is something that might haunt me for a good long time as well. It is a pity you often only realize your own pace being detrimental in hindsight.

  3. #1101292017-04-19 03:54:47Mairu said:

    I heard lyrics from a song that has stuck with me and has been my source of motivation for years.

    "Take a breath and let the rest come easy.Never settle down cause the cash flow leaves me always wanting more."- Alex Gaskarth

  4. #1101512017-04-19 20:15:42 *Taro_Tanako said:

    "If it be a thing external that causes you grief, know that it is not the property that causes it but your own conceit and perception of the thing, which is wholly in your power to change." - Marcus Aurelius, Meditations

    I read Marcus Aurelius' book Meditations in a weird fit of first year student pretentiousness but it has so many amazing things in it about being a rational thinker and learning to set aside worries and fears over stuff you can't change and concentrate on those you can.

    This quote, among many others from Meditations, just convinced me to be a bit less neurotic about worrying over things too much. Tomorrow is another day and all of that stoic and pragmatic crap...

    Also, this one.. "Waste no time arguing what a good person should be. Be one."

    "You think your life is a movie, or book, or comic, or something. And you think you're the main character that everyone can read. You're not! You live in your own fucking head and I can never tell what you are thinking." - a crappy person that I'm kinda paraphrasing

    Something that came up in one of those teen relationship arguments we all have when we don't know any better, but this message stuck with me since. I remember at the time being really wounded by it cos it implied I was self absorbed and pricked my bubble of how I saw myself at the time. Painfully, it was quite true. But it was a bit of a wake up call that reminded me it wasn't all about me and I shouldn't assume anyone else could understand what I was thinking unless I actually expressed it. I still haven't learnt the whole lesson but I'm a bit more self aware now. Still hate the person who said that though...

  5. #1101602017-04-20 16:13:21ccc said:

    "You look like you live under a bridge"-Person I see every day

    From this person alone is the reason I don't care how I dress ,not that I go out of my way to look like trash ,but that I dress how ever I like

    One of the biggest things that angers me is "looks = person "That I honestly caint stand,its hard to be surrounded by people who think like that

  6. #1101622017-04-20 17:59:08 *Enami said:

    "You're not respecting your child."

    This was a line said in some tv program by a psychiatrist to a parent. It should've been so obvious. The fact that I, too, deserve respect, that respect goes both ways even in a parent-child relationship. But not for me. It's not that I didn't think I deserved respect from my parents. It's just that living in a very hierarchical family, I was led to believe that this was the norm. Accordingly, I didn't even consider this notion as we're not equals in the first place.

    So upon hearing this very simple line, I had an eye opening realization. An important one.

  7. #1102282017-04-25 10:30:56shafnat said:

    "Look at you! Even yourself is an artwork!" a friend commented it in one of my pic in insta. actually he's @ZakyYugo tho he never log in anymore. it brings inspiration to me in every time that sentence goes to my head.

  8. #1102992017-04-30 22:23:00Erika_Karisawa said:

    "Bring on the pain." This was from a kid in a cancer ward that was getting chemo. I was there getting a (three hour long) blood test and I was crying about the pain, and when he said this it really struck me that for him it was pain or die.