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  1. Shiny New Stab Holes

    #1104262017-05-09 09:20:54MarkovAlgeroth said:

    A while ago I got my first ear piercing, because I made a drunken agreement with my girlfriend's dad (the bastard still hasn't gotten his). The other day it got infected, so I replaced the stud with a silver ring, or a sleeper, or whatever it's called so it'd be easier to clean. And damn, there were so many to choose from.
    This got me thinking.
    If piercings are so available and easy to get, surely some of you cool cats would have some.

    What piercings do you have? Why'd you get them? Do you want more?

  2. #1104282017-05-09 09:45:34Kirn said:

    First of all, we already have thread for it here, and second of all - those things are fucking useless and are just way for people to show off how 'special' they are.

  3. #1104332017-05-09 12:23:06DarkChaplain said:


    People keep ruining their bodies with awkward metal and plastic bits. Usually that only serves to disfigure a perfectly fine, adequate face.