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Parent: Movies based on true stories.

  1. #1104392017-05-09 18:15:58Kirn said:

    A Street Cat Named Bob (2016)

    So, first of all, this is a movie about a cat - what other justification you need? Second of all, this is a human interest story, basically a personal drama movie. But with cat! And also, it is apparently based on a true story.
    So, a guy is a junkie, he tried to get by playing on the street, social services get him housing, and there, on the edge of his willpower, he suddenly gets himself a stray ginger cat. And that cat became a sort of an anchor in his life, not to mention that bringing cat with him attracted more people and hence - he suddenly started doing well in life. Eventually he went clean, wrote a book and now lives in his own apartment and is working on raising awareness for drug abuse and homeless issues. All thanks to the cat, so, you know, hurray to the cat.
    Movie itself is pretty emotional. As I said, it's a human drama, the kind you expect to see, but with cat, which justifies it all. I cannot really say how true all of it is... but I can tell you that they had something like 7 cats playing the part, and one of those cats was the actual cat, the real Bob. So, that's cool. And I got a few articles on the matter, the one dealing with some additional dark family gossip, the one telling that some storylines of the movie - the girlfriend and the father storylines - were added for more movie drama and the one just talking about the guy and his cat. Up to you if you want to check one or all of them.

    Anyways. Cat saved man's life! Hurray to cat!