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  1. Musicians

    #11052011-12-27 19:14:59 *Kuru said:
    For all the musicians of The Colorless, this thread is for you. Post everything related to playing music. What instrument you play, what you like to play, advice, good links.

    I unfortunately don't have the lists from the previous sites thread. I play bass guitar, and enjoy playing most forms of rock. This is a good [website]( for learning about bass guitar.

    Please bring what you can to the table, and spread the knowledge.
  2. #11292011-12-27 19:51:50Wolfangle said:

    :3 electric guitar over here! and i might be getting an electric violin next month if not, then the month after..

    I'm currently working on Green Day's - Wake Me Up When September Ends

  3. #21072011-12-29 19:56:20 *Atsuko said:

    I can play the flute, and kinda I can play guitar ^^ Unfortunately not the best to me it comes out xD"

  4. #43342012-01-05 02:45:34 *Ipotane said:

    i play guitar, synthesizer (because i'm so hip) & i recently came into the possession of mandolin! which i'm learning the scales for when i get time.

    i also attempt to write my own music although i having sort of a writers block at the moment. i sequence all my music in reason 4 and would be happy to help people with any questions they have about it.

  5. #49592012-01-07 14:38:16Izic said:

    Electric Guitar over here aswell.

    Oh and props to deftones for learning the banjo, you BAMF!!!

  6. #96732012-01-30 17:48:51Wolfangle said:
    D: i cant do my cover for this song...cause my high E string sounds horrible after a sounds like "quuck" a hard plucking sound...but i dont pluck hard :/ idk if its cause i need a new guitar or what D:
  7. #757952014-05-15 13:16:40Jake said:

    Saw someone ask about what musical instruments people play, so I thought I would bump this thread. I play the piano (badly)