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  1. Random Band Names

    #1105652017-05-16 02:09:13 *--Jack-- said:

    Lately I've heard some of the most random combinations of words and thought to myself "now that could be the name of a band..."

    Honestly this thread is just for posting that type of thought. Bands can have just about anything for names if it catches on, sometimes just a single word or maybe even a sentence which seems too long. Other names might sound like they reflect a genre or tone of music. Again, random band name? brainstorming? Thats what this thread is for.

    Bonus Points for making a fancy image with the name as a graphic (like an album cover or something) rather than just posting it, but you do you.

  2. #1105672017-05-16 02:47:03Bavalt said:

    Breakfast at Midnight (or BAM for short). The logo would be a waffle that is also a clock.

    It's actually a band idea some friends and I came up with as starry-eyed teenagers with absolutely no musical skill (who lived on opposite sides of the country.) Hooray for unrealistic, half-assed aspirations, amirite? I still like the idea though.

  3. #1105722017-05-16 09:39:44DarkChaplain said:

    Indecent Infidels. They'd be a goth metal band or something. Mostly doing songs about god being dead and the pope having diarrhea, but also Allahu Fucktard and such. Their performances would include strippers dressed as nuns (until the stripping, obv) who lick upside-down crosses and tear pages out of bibles and such. You get the gist.

  4. #1105992017-05-18 03:36:24 *poke_dorks said:

    [Insert Here]

    ^is the official band name

    Something lame that my friends and I came up with in highschool hahaha

    Supposed to be considered nameless or whatnot. The music style would be genreless/hodge-podge of everything heh heh