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Parent: Durarara!! Survey & Light Novels

  1. #1106742017-05-23 03:44:53 *--Jack-- said:

    Time for some internet lore:

    I remember watching the first season when I was in highschool, but I honestly can't remember what order seeing it and eventually finding CL happened in. I do know that someone told me about CL from drrrchat (Yes, your admin was a simple drrrchat user at one time, same username as I use now, too. I might even tell you about The Bar one day.) and I eventually stayed here because the community was more cohesive and the chat was better.

    Drrrchat (and similar chat sites that sprung forth from its death) was a melting pot of the drrr-fanbase internet, struggling to find familiar faces after more than a day, always gross fetish and furry chats among the normal conversational ones. And even then, in the conversational rooms there were still weebs and "saika" trolls that wanted to RP. It was like a battlefield of stupid. The one coherent form of tracking drrrchat users that knew eachother was making deviantart groups, but again, no one payed any mind to them...and eventually the handfuls of users who knew eachother were lost to anonymity. Poet, S0ngBird, RoxyUsagii, the list of old names that no longer have faces goes on...

    Also I remember, it was @KingCoal that told me about CL.