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Parent: Durarara!! Survey & Light Novels

  1. #1106792017-05-23 05:59:40 *EvoRulz said:

    here's some more lore for ya:

    I watched Durarara!! because my freind @Infinite-kamisama reccomended it to me, after that she showed me the Dollars BBS site and told me i should try and find the password. Watching the show i loved the music most out of everything

    When I found the password i had a fun time looking through some of the threads there but they were kind of inactive in appearance, people obviously created content but there wasn't a way to check the latest posts or talk to anyone or anything like that because you could just change your user name every post if you wanted to, so searching for a way to talk to people I discovered the 'chatrooms' tab.

    Through the chatrooms tab the top site was so i went there and discovered hundreds of users in loads of chatrooms within the site. I started making friends with people and chatted for hours, keeping track of who I knew as best I could. At one point I could recognise at least 70% of the usernames of everyone online and had chatted to them at some point, that was before the site descended in to 90% smut rooms.

    On Drrrchat i met @Cyth who added me to a facebook group known as 'Alpha Gang' or 'AG' which had a fair amount of history of its own, other users I met there were @Sheep, @OHHH, @PigeonSpider, @holg0290, @Kei_, @Nad and about 30 more

    One time i was backreading our facebook group chat (which would recieve like 2000 messages a day........) when i found @OHHH and @PigeonSpider talking about CL, and so I clicked the link that they shared and made an account here.

    From there I went into chat and the first things I remember are talking to @Zyxx23 and @Coldu, and @squareof3 teaching me what 'v' means in chat. ~~

    I chose to stay here because when people come back they often come back with the same name and your experiences with them come back with it