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Parent: Famous People Deaths

  1. #1107202017-05-23 16:52:18Kirn said:

    Roger Moore

    Born: 14 October 1927, Stockwell, London, England, UK
    Died: 23 May 2017, Switzerland (cancer)
    Age: 89

    I will say, dying of cancer sure sucks, but 89 is a damn decent age. Still, sad to know this one is gone, because this is the guy who was chose to be even more manly and dashing than Sean Connery. This guy is the Bond. James Bond. Agent 007. Pretty much he is the icon of the spy movies.
    After his iconic role, he never really got as famous, but he did got a break on USA screens in a movie together with Burt Reynolds. Also, you may know him from one of the Jean-Claude Van Damme movies - the Quest, where he plays a rather gentlemanly crook. But yes, pretty much - Bond. James goddamn Bond. Even today's movies like Kingsman are a not to the genre that this guy helped to create. And we are grateful for that.