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  1. Kirn is getting older.

    #1108362017-05-29 03:17:02Lieutenant said:

    It's already 29th May here in my place anyway so.

    Happy birthday, uncle @Kirn.

    It sounds cool that your 31st birthday falls on Monday, you eat a lot of cakes, be fat and have fun at office (no you're not going to get fired on your birthday so). I personally hate cakes so maybe I'll eat a choco or some sweets to celebrate it.

    Might sound funny for you that we still have thread for Kirn's birthday, so yeah you can do anything today, just like any other day.

    Oh this is cute, have this while you're at it.


    For the newer members who don't know who Kirn is, just refer here to avoid some TL;DR post here because I'm lazy.

    But yeah, happy birthday, young one, and enjoy life because there will always be souls to take and cats to appreciate. ❤

  2. #1108422017-05-29 10:16:43 *Teru said:

    For some reason I can't see the censor part on the phone, was it always like that?

    Hurray, rejoice, happy birthday.

    Edit: Holy hell someone liked my comment in an old Johan thread about Kirn's birthday, it was you, @Lieutenant? OBS: I miss Johan.

  3. #1108642017-05-29 16:24:05 *--Jack-- said:

    @Teru @EvoRulz yes censored images seem to render weird. They always have in my experience. Larger images, when censored, render as their huge, 1 to 1 pixel version inside the little window. Now if censored images cant render at all on mobile well... just another problem with the current mobile version.