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Parent: Famous People Deaths

  1. #1108502017-05-29 13:10:43DarkChaplain said:

    Alan's close friend, colleague and collaborator John French has written a really heartfelt eulogy for him.

    Turns out it was cancer after all. Short but sadly lethal.

    In all the years I knew him, Alan never stopped working, never stopped creating, never stopped tweaking and fiddling with projects. We came up with an RPG rule set based on a draft I did back in 2003. He was still mucking about with it last year. His spaceship combat system, Star Killer, had so many iterations that the best idea when playing a test game was to ask for a fresh print out each time. His idea of a break was to switch gears into a different project.

    The write-up really shows what an incredibly skilled, passionate and competent individual Alan Bligh was, and why his death is such a loss to the world of Pen and Paper and Tabletop gaming as a whole. The man did things.
    "Only in Death does Duty End" has never been more fitting a mantra...