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Parent: CL Short Story Project 7: Nobody Alive to Unsticky This, Eh?

  1. #1109952017-06-05 08:17:53DarkChaplain said:

    In theory, the deadline has passed.

    Practically, I don't care. I won't bother formally pushing it back once more though. Instead I'll start on the editing when the 5th submission reaches me and close it for good when the ebooks are basically done for release.

    The only submission that has reached me so far was @Sheep's, and it may yet go through revisions if she so desires. I know that @Farris is working on it but have told him to enjoy his time with the waifu and not worry about rushing his piece out, so I am content with that. @Cloud-VK is working on it too I heard via PM. @Bavalt appears to be on it too.

    I haven't heard from @Qarr in a few days but I hope her current dilemma will push her into writing so at least something positive will come off of it. We'll see.

    If you haven't gotten going yet but still want to join, now's the chance. Realistically I'd say that, i everybody who's working on it right now keeps it up, there's another week or two of juice in this yet. More if things get further complicated. So even if you're a newcomer, or late bloomer, there is ample time.

  2. #1110372017-06-07 13:00:43Cloud-VK said:

    Yeah @DarkChaplain , if your wondering at all why I didn't turn in when I said I would, it's just cause I saw this post and decided to take a bit more time on mine.

    ...making revisions and stuff.